It Might Be Possible that MonaCoin Drop Is A Scam

in #crypto3 years ago (edited)

I'm sorry, but it seems like MonaCoin drop is fake.

I might be wrong, but I removed referral link.

Just to be safe...

I don't want to scam anybody.

After Byteball, there's another great chance to get the airdrop.

This time, it is MonaCoin.

MONA is currently sitting at the number 75 on CoinMarketCap.

It's worth a little bit more than 2$.

And if you do all the steps, you'll get 50 MONA.

Picture sources: screenshot from

The steps are really easy.

Basically you only need to retweet their post on twitter, subscribe to their channel on Youtube, and like them on Instagram.

I think that you don't need a tutorial for that.


web site note
After reaching 25k airdrop participants the withdraw functionality will be enabled. Until then stay calm and refer more people to Monacoin.

How can I look/learn airdrop time and total users?

I just read that this aidrop might be fake as there is no information about that on their site.

Ofcourse, I can't be sure that it's fake, but I don't want to take a risk.

If its an official airdrops it should be appear on there official website. Else it is fake.

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