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Knowledge is a very valuable asset right from medieval times, as it plays a great role in the affairs of every individual and the world at large.

And the need to share this knowledge keeps growing at a fast pace, that is why there is always a rapidly increasing need to learn new things in different works of life, due to the greatness that is achievable with such knowledge.

Sharing this knowledge with others has also been simplified through the advent of the digital system, which now makes it possible for people to share the knowledge of what they know to a great number of audiences across the globe, effortlessly.


The digital system has provided a standpoint for the transfer of this knowledge and information as this can now be done through publications of different sorts and other mediums and still reach a large target audience.

This is indeed one of the great innovations of the digital system and comes from the tireless efforts of these individuals who are ready to carry out the different publishing activities such as the authors, editors, and even reviewers.

But sadly, these efforts are not in any way compensated by the publishing industry as the majority of the publisher's profit off the articles and knowledge shared by these players, without giving them even a little quota to appreciate them. This is a result of the centralized nature of the publishing industry which makes it inefficient.

This is really unfair, more reason why…


Crypto commonwealth is a decentralized platform, seeking to improve the global publishing industry by incorporating into it the prevalent and innovative technologies being developed today.

It is the first Blockchain-based scientific publisher and asset management system that by tokenizing the entire publishing process, generates great returns to every player in the publishing industry.

Yes, you read right…

Now the publishing system or publishers won't be the only ones enjoying the profits as the Crypto commonwealth platform creates a reward system that will be used to encourage both the editors, reviewers, and authors of different publications.

Isn't this great?

To lead the way in this technological innovation, Crypto commonwealth is starting out with the crypto-related publications to ensure that everyone who contributed to the success of a publication, is rewarded accordingly, with the COMM token, which is a valuable asset in the cryptocurrency market today, as it is listed on exchanges where it can easily be exchanged to fiat.


The system reviews every publication submitted by the users to vet its authenticity and ensure that it meets the criteria for a publication and then the reward is issued by the system once the article is accepted and thanks to its adoption of the Blockchain technology, transparency as well as efficiency is maintained.

Crypto commonwealth platform believes greatly in the power of a strong community, so it is safe to say that it is a system of the community, for the community and by the community, as the level of success of the rewarding token, will be greatly dependent on the contributions of every member of the Crypto commonwealth community.

This will mean the realization of the system's vision of making both the share and exploration of knowledge to be beneficial. A feat that has eluded the global publishing industry for long.

To create more rewards, this great system has created different quests through which a user can earn more of the system's COMM token, once they complete these quests.


CRYPTO COMMONWEALTH is here to create more value in both the cryptocurrency industry and the publishing industry, as it out tokenizes publications and rewards its users.

It takes away the power from the publishers who previously enjoyed all the benefits of an individual's publications alone, and distributes rewards to every member of the community, who contribute to its progress.

Crypto commonwealth upon its full adoption won't only boost the publishing industry, but will also drive the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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