Introducing the future of tokenomics

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The future of defi and crypto is here and it's currently the only token implimenting all of the most cutting edge blockchain dynamics and tokenomics. A combination of three tokens in one unifying project, the PIKA family is changing the way users look at decentralized finance tokenomics and cryptocurrencies in general. They are the pioneers of GameFi and this is the message they are spreading.

Like a phoenix, PIKA was born from the ashes of a dead project long abandoned by its developers. A dozen or so committed individuals heard the cries of the crypto community and took the initiative to bring PIKA to life. Backed by a dedicated community of like-minded individuals with a love for game culture and decentralized finance, PIKA is pioneering into new cryptocurrency territory.

Made up of a complex ecosystem involving 3 tokens and over 6 contracts total. Each with it's own unique properties and utility. Through advanced tokenomics, PIKA, THUNDER and RAI interact using a unique evolve function, that allows the user to exchange PIKA to THUNDER and THUNDER to RAI. Staking pools and evolution are only the beginning as this project aims to bring NFTs in a virtual collectible card game, provide utility through a blended marketplace that incorporates cryptocurrencies with you favorite physical items and will allow users to exchange crypto for real world goods on a decentralized marketplace.

As MEME coins continue to try to gain popularity, people realize there is no real utility to these tokens. However, PIKA pioneers utility and function with cutting edge tokenomics and a team of leaders pushing the boundaries of what defi can become. The future of tokenomics is clear and it is being led by PIKA. A solid investment in the future of crypto. Just in the past few months, PIKA has shown that is has the leadership and commitment to become the leader in a sea of washed out crypto currencies.

Just two mention two of their most coolest features, The first feature being a staking concept where you can get a very decent ROI on staking your coins. The second feature being evolution, which no other coin has ever done, this allows you to evolve your coins within the ecosystem and therefore play along to the GameFi concept.

With a massive following on Telegram and a clear plan for the future, PIKA is the obvious choice for your crypto portfolio.

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