The Jouney 2: Why we need crypto anarchy

in #crypto7 months ago


I will no longer be a silent majority while other destroy what so many have built. The internet is coming into the real world now manifesting and we need to be sure that we can be secure in this wild west. so far cryptography has done a lot for our society and keeping secrets safe and moneys secure. However as technology because more understand and readily available there shall be more incentive to use this data to nefarious means. That is why we need to secure our data in a while that keeps it immutable yet still searchable and secure. Big data is the future and it is a good thing, so is anonymity. Which is why the blockchain will rule as a data storage type. It is secure because it takes more time than what is possible to try to crack the network. This is due to how the network constantly verifies the correct block in the chain. thatnks for reading I am out of time for today but will be back tomorrow

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