Masternode Observation: He Invested How Much? Pt.1

in #crypto3 years ago


At the beginning of this year, I found out about the existence of Masternodes in the Crypto world. One example of a more well-known Masternode being Dash.

My colleague Steve was the one who told me about this, because he was looking for investors. He was going around to people he knew in the company and pitching them about this Masternode coin he has recently invested in, which he then gave some statistic of the return on investment.

I have already forgotten which coin he was talking about, but the statistics he gave at the time were below:
Required coins: 10,000
Annual Return Of Investment: 550%
Cost Per Masternode: $20,000
Time takes to gain the investment back: ~ 3 months

So essentially that mean that you would be getting hundreds of dollars' worth of coins per week and you would have made your money back in 3 months, everything after that would be pure profit.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

To Be Continued...


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