Digitex: An exchange of futures without commissions, extraordinary

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Digitex Futures

Using blockchain technology to eliminate transaction fees, decentralize account balances and govern itself autonomously.


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The future contract called by the name of "futures" is a contract between two parties that commit to a certain date and at a certain price the change of an asset, called the underlying asset, which can be physical, financial, real estate, raw material, etc

To put an example, let's see a case of use of this type of contracts:

Jhon will have a son in 7 months, his wife tells him that they are in a state and need a bigger house, jhon looks for his new home and in a real estate in the area with a house that he likes, he wants to pay it now to avoid the price goes up and thus secure the house, the real estate has no problems in selling the house that is vacated in 4 months, so jhon pays your house once and the real estate gets the deadline to deliver the house in 7 months


This type of contracts are very used nowadays, thousands of operators help this market to be growing and prosperous, but there is a problem, the commissions are affecting the contracts and the companies are not watching over the users, it would be good to decentralize this market type under a fair and reliable platform

Looking for that horizon, Digitex Futures was born:


Digitex is a future bag that uses the blockchain to decentralize the market, under the main feature of zero commissions, which is not a propaganda or a commercial strategy that lasts a few months, the essence of the platform is zero lifetime commissions , using the blockchain technology will use a token generated in the platform for the management of the internal economy and that will help pay the cost of maintenance and operation of the platform

The Digitex token (DGTX)


The platform's own token is necessary for operators and users to be able to participate in it, thus guaranteeing the need to obtain said token, operators can negotiate in other types of assets, but their payments will be issued in this token, in addition to being able to participate in the system it is necessary to obtain the token

The users and operators that have the token will be able to participate in the decisions that are made in the platform, since the type of governance that is installed is decentralized, this is very important because the platform will need to generate an amount of DGTX annual token for its maintenance, the amount of token is placed by the vote of the participants of the system, the amount necessary for the system to work well must be used and it must not be exceeded to place a low inflation due to the generation of new tokens

In this way Digitex Futures promises a form of exchange with zero commissions !!

The idea is simple and functional:

descarga ER.jpg

With the futures market in a decentralized blockchain and with mass governance what is sought is a healthy market that keeps growing faster and faster by offering more liquid transactions by offering zero transaction fees, this creates a wave of new operators in the market. platform that will need the use of the Digitex token and thus the demand of the token helps to pay the costs of operations of the platform

Zero commissions is a very attractive magnet for this type of markets, in addition blockchain technology helps create more confidence around a platform that is governed in a decentralized manner where all participants have decision-making power over the course of the same

Hand in hand with the blockchain and Erlang / OTP:


google image

Smart contracts are generated in the ethereum blockchain while the system processes use the Erlang / OTP stack, the same programming language that WhatsApp, ensures scalability since its advanced response engine can help provide solutions to millions of users including at the same time, a fundamental part for an exchange platform which gives its interface a very advanced fluidity environment, generating tranquility and functionality for the user of the system

Two for one:

With the use of this system and the blockchain technology, the traditional exchange market is combined with the benefits of the new in the decentralization granted by the blockchain and a traditional market that is urged by changes that add benefits for its users, achieving decentralized governance security is granted in that the platform always look for the best for its user and not for a company, transparency is given to the operations and a system is generated that can grant an offer of zero commissions for life!

A great idea:


google image

It is surprising how offering a good service and with a value of zero commissions draws attention, even more so when it is for an exchange market, for that reason the Digitex card in its ICO sold out in just 17 minutes, more time lasted for us Having breakfast, this speaks for itself of how great and useful is the platform for the market, the type of governance and economy that will offer security to the user, all are supporting the birth of Digitex to be able to enjoy a sustainable ecosystem that guarantees what better for everyone

Another good news is the constant growth of the DGTX token. In the securities houses, the market is receiving a brake on the rise of cryptocurrencies and this token does not stop growing, because it is supported by a platform that promises to be a point of change in the exchange market, and in a short time the DGTX token is already available in four different exchanges, which include Mercatox, ExRates, OOOBTC and Radex.
And as if that were not enough in just five weeks the waiting list for early access has gone from zero to more than 100 thousand, what is this? Are they giving away flour?

It's a simple fact, a brilliant idea under a well-designed and thought-out system, an innovative proposal in a market that until now only thinks about taking a part of all, that creates a revolution that is not to be missed unnoticed

watch his introductory video

for more videos and information visit his blog

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