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We all know the history of titanic, very tragic indeed, and we can understand how much was lost in a simple accident, because at that time there was very little that technology and science could do for that ship, after its collision with the iceberg was already sentenced, engineers on board knew that the ship would sink sooner or later

The same I see that this is going to happen with the blockchain of ethereum, it is not at dawn like the titanic, but there are serious deficiencies that mark its destiny, I do not want that I misinterpret, if it is a great platform, its qualities are good, for that many icos and people are looking to access that world, but, there goes a detail, it was not designed to cover so much flow of people and data, and unfortunately that marks its end

We must understand that it is not a simple problem, the question is very complicated, it is not only simple transactions that each person makes, so many see it: they believe that only the problem is when a payment is made from one person to another, and that is not the fundamental problem

Imagine a company that sends packages, each shipment carries a destination, data of the people involved in that shipment, office data, weight, guide in total, are many data, and only for one package, now you understand me? How many transactions does only one branch of that company need to be able to operate with peace of mind and without delays? I really do not know the exact number, but I know that 13 per second is not a good number

Thirteen transactions per second support the ethereum platform, so it is not difficult to see where the problem is, because a handful of large companies like the ones we take for example can make waters like titanic that cold night, but there is hope, as many icos and ambitious projects have been born under the platform of the ethereum, and they need to follow their course, but they are in that ship that like that titanic, is already sentenced

It is clear that the future of the ethereum is killed by its own problem of scalability, but not everything is bad, in return it offers incredible tools for which many projects were born in it, it was only a problem, the boom that took the platform was not programmed , or rather it is not designed for that kind of flow of people and data, so we need to get all those ics and projects out before everything goes down

Gochain is your RMS Carpathia (first ship that arrived to save the titanic survivors)

Gochain arrives just at the moment when the inevitable is seen, but it is not too late for the projects that run under the platform of the ethereum, rather gochain arrives to upload them on board !!

Gochain is underway, with a platform 100% compatible with ethereum, it comes to offer the option to migrate to your platform, it is so easy that people will not have to change a single line of code for its process, and it arrives renewed, it is a ship of the 21st century because it does not have the mortal defect of the ethereum

1000 times faster than the etehreum platform:

GoChain is ready to be used, it can process 1,300 transactions per second in its initial test, but it is capable of being 1000 times more veils than the ethereum transactions reaching almost 13,000 x second, so that old steam boat will not even see it on the horizon as it sinks, apart from the fact that implementing its reputation test (POR) leaves out a series of disadvantages of the work test (POW) that the ethereum system uses to work

It's not something new, it's futuristic!

With the implementation of the (POR) arrive new horizons for users who migrate and new users using the platform, because this system allows fast work with a range of more than 13000 transactions per second, which leaves far behind 13 per second of the ethereum, so goodbye scalability problems

As if it were not enough, it is truly decentralized, since the use of mining for the system (POW) has led to a mafia that covers more than 80% of the market in China, is that decentralization? The truth is that no, they use the enormous energy and the computing power to manage that monopoly between them, there is a serious fault to the spirit and the essence of the blockchain

The energy saved is so remarkable that the cost is reduced by 7500 less than the use of the ethereum, so the planet will smile for you, without naming the declines in the price of the transactions that this advance involves.

You do not have to be a specialist to see the best!

There are hundreds of benefits that we can see at a glance:

  • intelligent.
  • strong.
    +100% compatible with Ethereum,
    +100 times faster
    +1000 times less energy
    +10 times more decentralized

If we obtain the same benefits of the blockchain of ethereum but without growth limitations then it is not difficult to see where the road is, it is like being on that ship of the beginning of the 20th century that is about to make water and we see the cruise gochain Who thinks about not making the transfer? Apart from the fact that every project created is like a child, we all want the best for it, and to see a safer, stronger, more promising future with barriers overcome, that's where we want to be!

Gochain arrives on time, you do not need tickets for boarding, arrive at safe harbor with the platform that will give your person peace of mind, for the dreams you do not need a limit and less tax for failures in a platform, people have the right to dream big, to be able to start their dreams without barriers and with ample road in thousands of directions to make their own decisions

For more information about Gochain watch this video

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