My physical currencies 👌

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The most beautiful coins!

I love my Physical currencies, bitcoin and Ethereum!
I knew this world of cryptocurrency a year ago and I quickly fell in love.

Bitcoin front:

Bitcoin back:

Ethereum front:

Ethereum back:

And my keychain

Do you like this products?
Visit my online store on Facebook, my Anormal page. You can choose whatever you like and send me a message! 😁

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Thank you!!

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Que giro! Quero ir às compras :D

Eheheh se fores às compras escolhe a minha página 😁

Vou espreitar sim., -)

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I was very disappointed to learn these are not Chocolate Coins, as those are the best coins in the World! Metal is not good for my teeth! 😝

Ahahah Sorry for disappointing you. I don't recommend you to eat these coins 😀

Isso é a tua mão? Bonitas moedas, mas umas mãos muitaaaaaa feias, mêêê deussss!


As minhas mãos ficaram ofendidas 😑

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