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For many years it has been talking about the cryptocurrency virtual purses, bringing comments as comments here and there that if it is reliable that if there is so much uncertainty we are many who still had the question of whether or not to trust so much search We get KINESIS wonder what it is like and what it works for.

KINESIS What is it and what is it for?

It is a digital currency with a relation with assigned physical gold and silver. Which serves to take another step in the evolution, which exceeds all monetary and banking systems available today

The purpose is to create an evolutionary monetary system that exceeds any other system that currently exists. A system by which active participation amplifies the value of the currency as a medium of exchange and as a reserve of value for all.

Kinesis works as a nucleus that consists of accelerating the flow of assets, money, economic activities and commerce in an honest, just and rewarding process. Another key objective of the Kinesis system is to transmit an internationally fungible financial system, created to reward participants by creating a solution to the global need for reliable and solid money.


SECURITY We use the highest standards of digital security throughout the blockchain networks and data storage technologies. •EFFECTIVENESS We use the Stellar blockchain, with the capacity to make more than 3,000 transactions per second, with confirmation of transactions.
BENEFITS We offer a totally unique profitability system, multifaceted, that provides passive and active benefits for everyone who is encouraged to participate.

Other advantages that we can offer you with KINESIS is that the KVT holders will earn a 20% share of the commissions generated in the Kinesis Shopping Center during the entire existence of the toke thus earning higher profits.

Taking advantage of the capital gains of the KVTs themselves, as well as the extraordinary advantages of the pre-ITO on offer for the Kinesis digital currency suite.

The KBN is hosted in the cloud, in Amazon Web Services, which means that it takes full advantage of all the security factors and redundancy of the hardware provided by the solution in the cloud. Cloud hosting provides access to advanced infrastructure strategies that would not otherwise be quickly possible or cost effective to achieve independently.


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