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The existing methods of arbitration are excessively slow, expensive and unreliable for an online world and in real time. That is why now we have come to implement a fast and decentralized form of precise arbitration, which is why today we come to tell you where you can find it. Kleros
Who is Kleros and how it works I'll explain it to you


It is a protocol of adjudication of disputes based on collective intelligence and the blockchain. With a voluntary system. To use it, the contract between the parties must have a clause that indicates that, in case of dispute, it will be awarded

Operation of our KLEROS*

It is composed as follows The contract, Assurance of evidence, Selection of the jury, Analysis, Voting, Appeal, Redistribution of tokens.
In the concept of arbitration, each person interested in being a jury must have a token, which will be put into a sort of draw to select them according to each case.
Kleros is a general and multipurpose multipurpose system that can be used in a large number of situations.
What we want with Kleros is to build a decentralized network of juries to adjudicate disputes in different industries. In this way, it will become a fundamental part of the infrastructure of the next generation of the Internet.
Kleros's technology will make a significant contribution to expanding job opportunities throughout the world, especially in countries with weak legal frameworks. In case of dispute, Kleros may provide an arbitration service that currently does not exist. This will significantly increase the chances of being hired for workers from countries with weak legal frameworks.



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