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If you are looking for an application that generates profit without having to leave it in interest, I have Digitex Futures.
Digitex Futures
It is a blockchain technology to eliminate transaction fees, decentralized which works based on account balances and governs autonomously.
Which covers the cost when executing the exchange create a small amount of new tokens each year instead of charging transaction fees in the exchanges.
In turn, the futures markets free of commissions in a stable, fast and secure trading platform will attract a large number of operators who must buy DGTX tokens to participate, creating a greater demand for DGTX tokens that compensates the small inflationary cost of creating new tokens

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Digitex Futures is free of trade commissions
By using its own native cryptocurrency, called the DGTX token, the exchange covers costs by generating new tokens instead of charging transaction fees in exchanges.
It has Decentralized Accounts
This helps keep all account balances maintained through a decentralized and independent intelligent contract in the block chain.

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As it is autonomous, it has a decentralized government, which operators in Digitex use their own decentralized governance by Blockchain to determine how many new DGTX tokens to emit and when.
Digitex Futures Exchange offers futures markets in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin against the US dollar.
What helps more traders since their purchases and sales would be instantaneous at the click of a button. In traders' demand operators must own DGTX tokens to participate in Digitex free commission-free futures markets, creating demand for the token.
What would be the utility of the token that the DGTX chip has real value as an essential component of Digitex's revolutionary new futures exchange model.
What would help us to be exact place, exact moment to be able to have control of is the perfect game to capitalize the exponential increase in the interest of trading futures.

For more information watch this short video!

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