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Decentralization is one of the most important factors of any platform that works for large masses of people, being able to feel safe in the sense of how it is handled and making decisions in this type of platform is what is causing large movements to migrate to the platform . Platform Block chain. By doing it one of the best, do not hesitate and join the liquidity network Liquidity Network. What does it mean? Transfer and Exchange Platform for any Token this has a decentralized exchange system that uses Exchange outside the chain without custody Exchange scalable and atomic out of chain of cryptography. Resistant to congestion of the block chain, without frontal execution of the miner, is not affected by the transaction fees of the block chain, and scalable to the performance of the centralized exchanges.

With the liquidity network transactions becomes a little less complicated when generating a token, since its administration is unique and effective. Their decisions are fully trained and guarantee security, the community has a surprising impact and is prosperous decentralized. networks like this help us control the tokens and that the loT network is completely independent; It is the only one we have. Doing in this way a financial and secure control, generating peace of mind for users without any problem. We can also say that it allows people interested in this platform to incentivize the behavior of the desired client through the definition of objectives and satisfaction, thus being a platform of good stability.

What does the Liquidity Network offer to users?

We seek to offer comfort and security at the time of network problems and obtain a better option, it is a platform like the one mentioned above, but with value, authenticity. We can also say that your VISION is to create users their own preferences, from now on, by doing so you can only implement "One device, one currency, one code".

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Liquidity Network is the solution that offers real security and solutions of network problems under equal conditions. The platform is capable of transforming easily, which tends to change in certain circumstances. Some communities of the block chain realize collective digital sites to obtain commissions with the idea of ​​creating a prestigious community and solving problems, we solve everything.

Some of the advantages for users are:
Allows any member of a payment center, to pay any other member of a zero trans payment center, to liquidity network offers instant and off-line channel establishment without prior crypto necessary. The Liquidity Network operates with designs of Simple routing, avoiding complex routingTopologies and the exchange of liquidity is done instantly. Out-of-chain exchanges without user holder funds, and is resistant to excess chain transaction fees.

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One of the questions that we usually ask ourselves is: Why is the liquidity network not centralized?

It is decentralized since users have their funds at any time (with the private label). It is not the hub operator, or any other entity can "steal" users' funds. A hub is not a bank or a custodian. The liquidity is designed in such a way that many hubs can be interconnected in a network of hubs to provide redundancy, similar to a network of Lightning pairs. A hub may choose not to forward payments. If that happens, the user can simply withdraw their funds from the smart contract center, that the operator of the center can not prevent the user then join another hub.

What are you looking for in Liquidity Network

We seek to help break the communication barrier between different types of Network and allow them to work together using a universal standard. This is possible through the intrinsically decentralized architecture of the block chain that, in itself, is ideal for all users.

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Here is a video that gives a quick overview:

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