All abot what´s next with crypto currencies - Part 6: The big stagnation between the years

in #crypto4 years ago

December 29, 2017: The extreme growth of crypto currencies in the last 6 months is now over for the next days and maybe weeks. The total cryptocurrency market today stands at $ 578 billion, around $ 100 billion below its high. Bitcoin today stands at $ 14,847 and its market share has dropped to 43.1%. Nevertheless, there are today cryptocurrencies with above-average growth rates: ZClassic + 242.49%, Triggers + 75.97%, Blocknet + 51.07% and KuCoin + 45.06%. But of these four organizations, only Triggers has a viable business model: And these are weapons! Of the other three, only KuCoin will continue to attract attention until it also disappears quite soon from the Top 100. At the moment there are not too much persuasive and target-group-oriented business models in the realm of the cryptocurrencies. But this will change soon, because it is the only real free market economy on this planet. However, we can say goodbye to the previous growth rates of this year for some weeks. The new growth will come in the near future only from innovative newcomers in the crypto market.