The Exciting Crypto Journey Update 2018 Pt 1

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I have been involved in cryptocurrency for about five-plus months now and have to say the ride has been wild, but exciting. The ups and downs can be almost like a digital drug. There are people out there making major money from their trades, but I have mostly held onto the coins or projects I selected based on my research. So far in my time within crypto I have now tripled my overall investment. Now I'm looking to dollar cost into a few coins I prefer and find some new ones.

My favorite holdings are certainly NEO, ETH, and LTC right now. I have also noticed that getting into Bitcoin was a wise move because it often helps balance things when alts are dropping. To me that's a great hedge move. Who knows where BTC might head to, so having even a fractional amount seems smart. If they are able to address the shortcomings with the speed and fees, it will certainly become more of a winner in the future.

Now I'm mostly looking for the next gems out there - Those coins or projects that are undervalued with some serious potential. One of my latest favorites is DENT, and I've also become interested in POE. I am interested in these as well as POWR because of the sort of technological changes they could make. If you have any other coins you think have good future potential, please drop a comment below. Best of luck to all as their crypto adventures continue!


What are people's favorite crypto/altcoins for 2018? All comments welcome below!


Solid picks!

I found interesting ADA, a Haskell-based blockchain, a very strong team, great missions... can't wait to see what Ada will achieve this year.

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