Introducing Erik Finman

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I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to the Metal Pay community and share with you our vision for what we’re building.

My name is Erik Finman – you may know me as the youngest Bitcoin millionaire in the world. Or through the satellite I launched with others teenagers as a teenager. Or through the robotic exo-skeleton I built. Or through the EdTech startup I launched and sold.

No matter how you found out about me, or are just meeting me for the first time.

I’m excited to announce I’m teaming up with Marshall Hayner to revamp Metal Pay and build this to be bigger and better than before. Metal Pay is the first ever all-in-one digital banking platform for cryptocurrency and is going to become one of the biggest players in the financial industry. I’m excited to work with the Metal Pay team to help revolutionize how people of all ages buy, sell, trade, and invest.

I’m prepared to put all of my Bitcoin holdings into this project – that’s how much I believe in what we’re building. Stay tuned for plenty of big announcements about Metal in the coming days, we have lots of exciting news to share with you. Get ready – things are about to start moving quickly.

Welcome to the next stage of the Crypto Revolution!

Learn more about Metal Pay here.


Does @metalpay use a Steem wallet that’s different from this blogging account?

And are there plans to actually allow people to transfer “their” STEEM from their Metal Pay account to their actual Steem wallets? Last I heard, back on July 8th, the Metal Pay team was working on it.

You have a Steem wallet that you’re using with this account...with pretty much no STEEM in it. If you have a Steem wallet and are selling STEEM to your customers, then they should be able to transfer that STEEM from your holding account to their own. But you claim to not have that functionality and whether or not you actually have STEEM is unknown.

At this point, Metal Pay is not looking very non-scammy.


Hi Erik I never knew you would join us on STEEM. Anyways WELCOME!

Cool I guess


OMG you are so full of yourself it isn’t even funny! lol jkSure did take you a long time to find STEEM though? U found us when we were already ded, doesn't sound too Eric Finnmany to me?? Finnmonmeychristmas!(Saw u on TV, btw if you really are who you say you are, I have a hard time believing. So u going to buy one million steem, or at least a couple hundred K?

“No matter how you found out about me, or are just meeting me for the first time.

That is a sentence fragment, flag! Might even be the first paragraph fragment i’ve ever seen! Someone like Eric Finnman should have a writing department to catch these, that's why I am doubtful! Welcome to Steemit!
Followed, can't wait for you to prove me wrong!


Sounds good to me!

Hi Erik, welcome to Steem and congrats on the linkup with Steemit. There are some great synergies and I look forward to being able to use MetalPay linked to my Steem account.

Flagged because u assume it is really him, I’m not convinced yet. I say scam until I am proven wrong! I could be wrong but just explaining the reason for my flags.

Welcome Erik💪🤓 cool project!🔝

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Hi Erik,
Is there any chance you can take a selfie of yourself with a sheet of paper with the word steemit and the current date on it? We have had a lot of imposters on the platform recently and it would be really cool if we could verify that it's actually you and not someone pretending.

Fingers Crossed

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Go @metalpay GO GO GOOO!

This is good for #steem 😄😁👍👏

And does @ericfinman have a steem account? Or do you just believe in BTC and @metalpay?

I like your story though

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Let us share this article on other social media platform and take advantage of his popularity and his vision.

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Nice. Can't wait for it to hit android so that I can get it for my phone. Looking forward to it.

@metalpay & @Erik Firnman, welcome to our amazing @steemit community!

You are well received, and good luck in your goals and projects.

I wish you the best. I read your article this morning on Google and I sent several emails to my friends about your new coin Metal Pay.

Lovely week @Erik Finman

I remember seeing you in that youtube video... old times. Is metal pay available in the UK? couldn't find it in the appstore.

Welcome brotha.. It's always good to be in early. I joined Steemit the week it launched! I am very excited about Metal, however I would like to see a way to send invites easier also maybe a messenger to make the Metal app more social friendly.

The invite friends section in the app only gives you a referral code.. Is there not like a hyperlink we can copy and send to friends for instant download/sign up?

Hi erik, nice to meet you and welcome!

Nice personality

We need it to be more available. Right now I cannot access the service yet I would like to test it out.

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I guess I am getting too old!!! When I first looked at "Metalpay" my interpretation was "Metal PLAY" sorry! Good Luck Erik I hope this works out as well as your previous ventures!
Welcome to steem, I hope you enjoy the ride!!

Welcome Erik. Sounds like you’re putting an awful lot on the line to back this project. Exciting stuff and I look forward to updates

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Hi my friend... next step i would like to see your video to learn easy.
Get me back

We are looking forward to see what you have in store, Erik! We'd love to hear your ideas about collaboration.

you're welcome

Great guy. Keep it up. Just to let you guys know, coinratecap is introducing a new modern way of trading called btcpredict where users can predict price of bitcoin within 15ses and win instantly. It will be launched within 10days. follow us on twitter for an update

MetalPay does seem like a great project. Good luck with it, @metalpay.

Cool, i saw your name on some forum! That exo-skeleton thing is amazing too!

Welcome to steemit! 😊 I wanted to test Metalpay but it seems there in no andriod version yet.

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Le habéis preguntado a Trump si os deja hacer una app que parezca un banco?!?!?!!? xD

Welcome to Steemit Erik Finman.
I hope this collaboration will have much success for both platforms.
Use Steemit to promote products and services and announcements.

welcome my friend :)

Sounds exciting!

You are welcome sir. 😘

Taking serious about Cryptocurrency!

Welcome to the platform,

After checking out your website (nice UI/UX) I stumbled upon the following phrase.

Paying your friends is fun and instant.

Paying is not fun for many... or at least that statement is questionable. Maybe a brainfart that needs some tuning, but how do you feel about using "Receive and send instant payments" in exchange?


Good luck with the project :)

Have you thought about the Point of sales industry ? Steem is very unique in the way we have very cheap extremely fast tx. If you already have a way for cash to come in, I think a lot of businesses could use data services only our systems provide. I already have a website our community helped to code that enables Steem e-commerce with 0% fee. Coinbase has a solution as well. I've been using/testing. Blockchain PoS systems can be used along side Fiat .The solutions I see from say Apple or wechat provide none of the features that the blockchain can. With Steem we have our Public key , this key can be used to decrypt memos. So imagine a basic receipt logger into the blockchain using private memos. This is just one of the things that will be built with blockchain technology. The possibilities are quite endless. Good luck with Metal , I look forward to having more competition with e-commerce applications and crypto-gateways.

"I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to the Metal Pay community"

Welcome to the Metal Pay community! (Whatever that is.)

I can't wait for the next stage of the crypto revolution!

Anyone who would “put all of my bitcoin holdings” into ANY project... is making a huge mistake. Never commit 100% of your holdings to anything.

Welcome to the friendly steem network

Sup man, great to have you along for the ride. First coin you guys should really push is STEEM- free transactions, 3 second blocks and simple @ domain user names.