Let it rain with coins

in #crypto3 years ago

Hello and welcome to my blog post

I am typing from my phone so it will be a small post...a discussion about the crypto-verse.

I see on the markets so many coins with so many cute names.....pupu coin, dudu coin (not real names...just examples)
I feel like a kid again...😄
Seeing so many coins to invest to.
But the reality is that not all coins are good...only a select few will be the good ones.
But who are the best coins?
I mean where to look?
Should we look at their roadmaps? Maybe or maybe not..as far as I understand A roadmap is more or less a promise of the develop team that they will do something awesome.
So what is best then...?
Market cap. Supply...?
As I see it all these coins are a gamble.

So in this case let it rain with small coins that maybe, maybe will become huge in the future!


Yep thats about it ...most of them are a gamble, but sometimes they start to do or bring someting original and that is the step that prove their worth.

Thank you @cynetyc 😁!

Good post @mindlock!
Very funny : Let it rain with small coins!

Thanks @fevronia!

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