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Cryptocurency exchange and p2p platform is where differnet coins are beeing converted to either FIAT or ecchanged with other coins. The platform and other factors helped to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency by majority especial in 2018. However, most of these exchange and P2p platforms are cetralized. This is one of the down side of the industry and needs in mprovement in area like security, charges and decentralisation. However, a platform which is commited to making trading and exchange of digital assets is here to solve all the problem associated with the trading and exchange of these asserts. This platform is STREAMITY


Streamity is a multi-purpose platform. The core purpose of streamity is the streamdesk. Streamdesk is a p2p exchange that utilises the power of its paeners to create a world class, fast and safe trading and exchange. Streamdesk is powered by EOS, NEM and CIVIC to deliver to its customers what they have been craving for... A platform where trading and exchange of crypto and FIAT currency is done comfortably without any form of worry with regards to theft, time wasting and diversed payment option.

The use of smart contract which enables users to enter into contract without the interference of any human input. Smart contract do this by allowing both parties to send their assets to smart contract while smart contract completes the transation to the benefactors.

The introduction of FIAT to streamdesk will encoutage more entry into the market. Conversion of FIAT to crypto has always been a challenge to entrants. Crypto cureency must be bought by entrants from crypto owners. This mean for you to own a crypto currency, you will need to buy it with FIAT if you are but getting it for free through tasks and airdrops. This exchange process could be so cumbasom for entracts as they fear many things from theft to scam. But with smart contract now on streamdesk, streamdesk will be encoiraging entry by making available FIAT to crypyo trading which is decentralised and secured. Entrants dont have anything to worry about any more


Because identity theft has been a major concern, CIVIC offers on demand secure and cheap. With this service is in high demand now as it will help with security and and transparency as it uses a blockchain technology.

Having esterblished trust for the customers and service users, another very important thing needed is speed. Transactions need to be as fast as the speed of light or higher than that and that's one of the things EOS stands for. EOS is a decentralised opetating system that allows other applications to be built on it. To do this, you only need to show a prove that you own EOS token.

Credibility, reputation and importance of services or things gives value to them. This is why NEM has provided an algirithm to calculate or rate based on services and things done on their blockchain to provide confidence and credibility to users.


As a newbie in cryptocurrency, one my major worries aside where and how to buy my coins was security and safty of my transactions. I was weary of the people i am transacting with and afraid of being scamed. This is the core reason why smart contract was initiated. To facilitate without the interference of a third party, contracts and transaction between parties. Smart contract is a computer program, command or instrustions that authomatically, without any form of human manipulations, validates a contract. This has because of its security asurance, encouraged newbies into crypto and has given the pros more confidence in the economy.

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