Coinex - Trade Driven Mining + Dividend Distribution = Passive Income

in #crypto3 years ago (edited)

Coinex is the 4th top exchange based on CoinmarketCap with a daily volume of 735 billion USD.

They recently released Dividend Distribution program in which all CET(Coinex Token) holders will receive random coins based on the earnings of the exchange just like Kucoin( and COSS exchange(

They also have Trade Driven Mining in which every trade on the exchange you do will be rewarded based on the difficulty.

Currently the CET price is 0.079 USD and it is very cheap to test the water.
It is easy as 1,2,3. Just buy and hold at least 100 CET tokens on the exchange which is only $7.9 and then you will receive dividends daily and for trade driven mining you need to trade to receive CET coins.

Grab some while people not yet notice it.

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