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Everybody seems to know Bitshares but only a few really know Bitshares, if you know what i mean.

Bitshares has so much potential its hard to explain to someone, even harder if that person is new to cryptocurrency. Today Bitshares has an image to be a Decentralized Exchange. In my opinion this hurts Bitshares because Bitshares is so, so much more..

At time of writing this post Bitshares falls just below 0.40ct with a market cap of around 1bill dollars.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-26 om 10.53.40.png

  • Fastest Blockchain
  • Scalable
  • Anonymous registration
  • Pegged smartcoins that are backed by Bitshares, this will decrease supply
  • Yes it's an decentralized exchange but also at the same time a wallet, how convenient!
  • And there is so much more..

Looking at the tech this is highly undervalued, it should be at least 2-6$

So where is the problem? Wel Bitshares is decentralized and community driven, so that means marketing for instance has to be voted for. Result? 0 marketing..

Therefore I decided to create a movie explaining Bitshares. I bought a Template, adjusted it to make it work for Bitshares spend some days editing added some music. Gathered feedback fine-tuned it and now here it is, hopefully explaining the base of what Bitshares is. There is more to explain, for instance how bitUSD is so much safer that Tether, maybe we can put that in another movie.

Now here it get's interesting because the rocket has been built, it has been fueled up with projects and will be fueled up even more with big projects hitting Bitshares. All it needs really is ignition. So here you have a match to lit it up (video marketing) that will create awareness and recognition, once that gets momentum it will drive the match to the fuse...

And boom!

Bitshares video HQ DL link:

Share this video, use it to explain Bitshares to your relatives, neighbors , mom and dad, aunt and uncle and even your dog (or cat if you are a cat person)

Currently I'm working on translations.

I do kindly accept donations, also if you are triggered by this video use this referer link:
DEX account name: Patrickjh1
BTC adress: 1CiuSh2AEmYZan2EKtmYmfzcLkxp3BsUpW

Thank you for your upvotes they are most appreciated, it enables me to create more content.

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This is not financial advice, do your own research.


Video link not working... could provide an updated one?

good morning @rok-sivante.

Can you check your discord app? Please

Hi, here is a new link to Youtube:

I'm a big proponent of Bitshares and try to spread awareness about it by posting technical analyses on it, plus many other coins. Like this:

AION - Analysis (50% POTENTIAL PROFIT) — Steemit

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Well done sir.

Hi @patrickjh.
Yes I noticed that BTS were clearly under evaluated compared to the service they provide already. I am new to crypto and only position myself longterm: BTS was the first one I selected!

In my humble opinion there are only a handful of crypto that will "go to the moon". All the arguments that transpire from your little video comfort my belief that BTS will be one of the few elected ones for a spaceflight .

Thanks for producing this video. Neatly done! Maybe you could contact the BTS team and propose to handle the marketing for them ;-)

Thanks, I'm in contact with the team. Let's see what we can accomplish together.

I think that's a great idea. It could be a wonderful partnership :)

I've read somewhere on the Bitshares discord channel that 600M$ were available to develop the project... accumulation period before action?

Love it. Well done Pat. :)

Upvoted and followed becouse of your post.

Thank you :)

Thanks Tony. I remember clearly what you said in the telegram group. Don't ask what Bitshares can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for Bitshares.

Well done @patrickjh. For my Italian community on youtube and on steemit I did also a video talking about bitshares and explaining the functionality of this Wonderfull exchanger platform ;)

Good work Patrick...this is quite a first post. Very well done! And you are right, one of the biggest things holding back BitShares is lack of knowledge of how powerful the platform is and that it is even there in the first place. is currently ranked 12,907 and coinbase is 61st in the US. Its not even on peoples radar screen.


Im holding bts and buying more every month, I really belive in the project!

It might have many smart construction ideas, i never understood.
What are your thoughts about LSK and EOS?

Good work, thank you, Patrickjh!
I try to show people the potentioal of Bitshares in Russia. Is it possible to make this video on different languages? I can translate it to russian and senf it to you or may be you can upload source somewhere to make peoplr from different countries translate this video and render.
What do you think?

I think we need translation for the Asian, East European & Russian markets. Let me get back on this.

Would share in Eastern Europe if you have translations in the works.

Really awesome work, well done. I know I haven't chimed in much, however you've had few chats with my colleague @murda-ra and have been watching the progress from Telegram, so I'm aware of the highly professional level of work you have delivered. Hope to see about getting you worker proposals going for more like this asap.

Thanks, lets see if we can make a it happen!

Thank you for a good article. Have a good day :)

Bitshares is the best platform of the moment. it gets bigger and bigger and works super fast. Soon there is an app out of bitshares than there is more possible. Everyone who has bitshares will add me. Greetings from the Netherlands and lots of fun on steemit

Welke app heb je het over? - What app are you talking about?

Hallo Patrickjh,

Er komt binnenkort een app uit van bitshares ik verwacht heel snel

The second thing is the user experience is not good enough. Then it made us decide to develop an app for BitShares. Here is the layout of the app: ** The first version would only include light local wallet feature. In the future versions, there would be new features like market information, exchange information, and so on.

I too like bitshares, I think it's a great idea and the writings of the founder convinced me he is legit even if he wears overalls....

btw I'm posting a privacy workshop on my blog and number 2 just came out, anyone who is into crypto and protecting their keys/passwords should find this useful, #2 was written as an address to people who don't think they have anything to hide, let me know what you think:

#1 is a full listing of the massive platform-wide security holes made public in 2017, further study will be rewarded.

Followed, upvoted, keep it up! cheers @mindhawk

Well done! i love bitshares :) upvoted, resteemed and following!

On point.... Upvoted and resteem

Thanks for providing this info for bitshare. I really appreciate. I will spend some time learning about it.

Good post friend, please follow back

Great post! The majority of my investments go into bitshares and walton coin

Thank you for sharing @patrickjh. This is very useful. It helps others to understand everything. Great work man!! :)

This is a major detailed explanation.i must confess,the complexity behind crypto currency will be much easier understood if we had more genius like you doing justice to it.great work

Im new to this, with very little capital. This video and a little DD got me to invest a little into BTS! Hodl this should do great and love the idea. Your video is very proffesional and should be shared. Thanks!

Not bad at all this post. Keep promoting BITSHARES!

Nice work, I am glad this post received attention it deserved... keep it up

#blockchainrevolution | Congrats & Good luck ahead! Perhaps creating our own money is no better or worst than the crazy central banking monetary #scam. #blockchainrevolution

This is powerful, good job on the video, as investors we can advertise bitshares. In my opinion the technology behind bitshares is ahead of its time. Once it goes mainstream its going to the moon.

bitshare is such a wonderful thing

What a good initiative this video and well explained really thank you for the post

Thanks for the video, and your enthusiasm, I love Bitshares project too!
I've read somewhere on the Bitshares discord channel that 600M$ were available to develop the project... accumulation period before action?

Great work man, vote for u ;)

Muchas gracias por tu aporte

Finally someone talking about bitshares XD yes it´s a great cryptocurrency completely undervalued in my opinion.

Thanks for this, I having been looking at Bts but wasn't sure what it was.

Edit: after watching the video I still have more questions. Where is a good source of information?

This is the exact technology that we need in Africa.
Africa seems to be the forgotten continent, and it is for good reason.
Hopefully technology of this sort and other blockchain technologies of similar ilk can project this poor continent onto a more even footing going forward.....,long live this new technology and all its exciting applications!

Cool video! Any interest in making me a video ;) Thanks for the information and effort, upvoted!

I love making these videos but they are not cheap to produce. It takes a lot of time making them.

Thanks for this ,that must be some amazing synchronicity ,a business I am with in (beta-mode ) in the past couple of days set up there own bit-shares payment wallet so thanks for this .

Would you do a post of OMGETH pairing please? Just started learning Elliot Wave principles and I know I'm getting parts wrong, all part of being new at something.

It really is a great platform.

Thanks for sharing! Keep it up

Is this like bitconnect? I'm looking for more scams like bitconnect. @trevonjames @cryptonick.

The lawsuit is cumming

can you not post this on dtube as well or is it to long?
I just dont like to download stuff from anywhere

Now also on Go Bitshares youtube channel:

cool... thanks, the more channels, the more exposure

Nice video. Bitshares really is an amazing system

Continua asi...

thank you, your post

Please impress my publication

I think it's wonderful..thank you

is incredible the functions that has bitshares is a decentralized network, it is a bank and also a house of change, I have several months working in bitshares and I think it's the best although I still do not understand some things, example, they gave me netxcoin and chicoin ??

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Great post and great content, highly appreciated

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Hi there. I am going to anarchapuloc next week and want to make a banner to do a bit of disruptive publicity for bitshares. Would you be able and/or willing to design something or at least supply some wording and images for teh banner? I particularly want to stress that its a dsafe exchange to leave your coins on and that its betgter than dodgy tether

It's great! I would love it if it were also in Spanish, so we could expand the message more easily :D