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Hi! Today I will talk with you about a project like SUQA!!!


Main goal SUQA 

The main goal set by the project managers is to unite users into a community and popularize the cryptocurrency as an asset. But, all the advantages do not end there. The participant or investor of the project is provided with a range of services and a set of functions that have not been previously encountered in any such project. Let's look at them in more detail.


Oddly enough, but SUQA runs on its own blockchain. Although, the main idea is borrowed from the bitcoin blockchain, but the developers of SUQA tried to leave in the past all the shortcomings of the first cryptocurrency.

The transaction rate

 As you know, the speed of transactions in most blockchains is the Achilles ' heel. So it was with bitcoin blockchain. But thanks to its own development and its implementation, it was possible to achieve a speed of 533 transactions per second. An amazing result that even the most popular cryptocurrencies cannot achieve now.

No vulnerability

 Despite the development of technologies that prevent hackers from attacking the network, blockchains are still vulnerable. What can not be said about SUQA, which is not subject to such attacks. You know why? It's all about the x22i algorithm itself, which prevents all attempts from outside to break or infiltrate the decentralized mechanism of the blockchain.


 Another reason I highly recommend paying attention to SUQA is mining. Mining-though it is a profitable business, but not all users are available. The main problem is the purchase of expensive equipment. The developers of SUQA have created a mechanism that allows you to mine coins even on the simplest video cards and processors. Now mining is available to everyone. Tell me, where else can you see so many opportunities?


 Each user who makes a Deposit will receive about 9% from it as a reward. This means that the more you invest in SUQA, the greater the return. A separate Fund has already been established for such rewards.


 In my opinion, the leaders of SUQA offer each user what many projects promise for a year or even two. I just can not take advantage of these advantages and evaluate the work of the project. These include faster transactions, the possibility of mining on cheap equipment, as well as the invulnerability of the blockchain and obtaining additional profit from the Deposit. And I would also notice that the team does not stop there. In the future, it is planned to gradually upgrade the blockchain in order to achieve even greater opportunities. But now the coin of the project is traded on seven exchanges and is present on the website coinmarketcap.What does this mean for us? This means that the cryptocurrency is becoming more accessible.

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