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But before going any further, I want to tell you first about Cryptoqurrency or Blockchain Technology. Cryptocurrency was originally known as a payment system that allows people to be able to make transactions quickly, without third parties, transparently, securely, and anonymously. Satoshi who is the creator of Bitcoin, makes Bitcoin beat the centralized financial system that is prone to manipulation and controlled by one party. With the growth and development of the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem, a number of alternative investment options have emerged, and have proven to be more efficient and profitable investment tools than traditional financial returns. Innovative projects are consistently emerging in the crypto industry with high return investments and continuous trends, such as ISUAA . is one of the projects that will attract large market investments. So, don’t waste this golden opportunity.


ISSUA the next generation DeFi protocol for derivatives of real world assets on blockchain. with ISSUA enables the creation, printing and trading of synthetic assets (ISSUAA assets) that reflect the prices of the underlying real-world assets and provide a unique and highly attractive token for investors and liquidity providers, organized as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and driven by the community governed exclusively through a voting procedure by the holder of the ISSUAA Protocol Token (IPT).

Minting and burning of derivative assets, which tracks the value of real world financial assets and crypto assets such as indices, stocks, commodities or crypto currencies.
Trading and liquidity providing of these assets on the ISSUAA marketplace.
Governance: Vote on asset prices, DAO grants and the creation of new derivatives

Minting auxiliary fabricated assets on ISSUAA anticipates that one should store stable coins fixed to the USD. Monetary benefactors get token consolidates, each including one long and one short token. The long token is appended to the improvement of the essential asset and creates with it. The short token conflictingly mirrors the central asset’s worth. Accordingly, no additional plan is expected to expect the risk of a worth change. ISSUAA is expected to reliably have adequate security set up. Taking into account that ISSUAA liquidity providers can offer liquidity to both the long and the short token on a comparative essential asset, they can restrict the expense chances related to the fundamental asset esteem instabilities.

The minting process of new derivative ISSUAA Assets is managed by the assetFactory smart contract.
To mint new assets, the “mintassets” function needs to be called, which requires two parameters:
The amount of USD stable coins that will be coverted into new assets
The symbol of the asset that is supposed to be minted.
The amount of new asset tokens to be received is calculated by dividing the amount of USD stable coins by the upper limit, which is defined for each asset.

The user will always receive an identical amount of long and short tokens. The value of these tokens is defined as following:
Long tokens: the value of the underlying asset.
Short tokens: the defined upper limit minus the value of the underlying asset.
The value of 1 long token plus 1 short token thus equals the defined upper limit parameter. Therefore, no over-collateralisation is needed for the ISSUAA protocol, which makes it highly capital efficient.
The only condition, under which the intrinsic value of 1 long token plus 1 short token would not equal the upper limit is the scenario, in which the price of the asset increases to a value higher than the upper limit. In this scenario, the asset will be frozen. This means that the asset can no longer be minted and that long tokens can be burned for the upper limit price.



First decentralized finance derivatives liquidity protocol without need for over-collateralization empowers attractive returns at moderate risk for investors providing liquidity.
Barrier free access for everybody to investing, minting, providing liquidity and trading of synthetic ISSUAA assets on chain.

Reward of active investors/LPs not only with transaction fees but especially with newly minted and weekly granted
ISSUAA protocol tokens (IPT).
Every single USD stable coin to be paid in by investors/LPs for minting of assets and liquidity providing in asset pools is “working” and generating returns for investors/LPs.

All principal clever contract presently in use via ISSUAA:

IPT Token






The ISSUAA show is totally decentralized and set up as a DAO. The system is worked around a selective organization token, the Issuaa Protocol Token or IPT. The best load of IPT will amount to 100,000,000 tokens. Thereof, the vast majority of IPTs will be given as compensations to monetary supporters for giving liquidity and projecting a polling form in the ISSUAA DAO organization studies. The issuance speed of IPT starts with 1.8m tokens every week and lessens by 3% consistently, thusly working with that early liquidity providers are remunerated higher while ensuring that the most outrageous load of 100 million IPT tokens will not be outperformed.
Other than its ability as an organization token, the IPT token is clearly associated with the costs which are delivered on the plattform: 0.05% of each trade coordinated on the ISSUAA business focus work to the IPT, making the IPT a value bearing, pay associated organization token with top level all things considered tokenomics for monetary benefactors.

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