I'm new to this so I have a newbie question: Are the exchanges you listed provide wallets for buying / trading bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies? Or do I get a wallet first say from bitpay or coinbase then go trade on those exchanges? Thanks @ridi20

No these exchanges got the wallets already for every coin. So you can trade many altcoins there.

This is for example how it looks like on Binance

You can trade your BTC with any altcoin

Thanks for your answer @ridi20
I haven't got a bitcoin wallet yet. Which one do you recommend so that I can start trading both bitcoins and altcoins?

Right now it's Binance for sure. Less fee, best for daytrading.

As soon as you sent your BTC there you can start your tradings. Registering on the exchange takes you around 5 minutes.

For buying the BTC you could go to Coinbase. Then you send your BTC to Binance and you can start trading there.

I am not sure if you can buy directly the BTC on Binance. But you could try it out

Great. Thanks a lot @ridi20
This is very helpful

I am sure you did ur research and must be doing well, especially with the current upwards trend of the market, any advise you can give me, since now, I am new to this domain