Are We Creating The Fate Of Crypto...??

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”We are the co-creators of our quantum realities.”

”Law Of Attraction.”


There are truths in these perspectives - that we are powerful forces in influencing our individual and shared experiences.

And, there are blurry lines in perceiving & understanding the boundaries of where our influences & responsibilities begin and end.

A few weeks ago, I read a post from @kevinwong in which he posed an idea...

He had a revelation about the cause of crypto’s deep decline over the last year: him.

Now, to most people, it’d probably seem either like a joke or insanity for any one of us individual Steemians to be the sole cause for the entire market’s fate.

Yet, I couldn’t quite tell whether he was joking or actually partially serious and to what degree, as I myself have had moments questioning the same thing - whether it has somehow been me that has cast out the vibration through my thoughts, emotions, and actions that have ripples out and contributed to crypto’s plummet in 2018.

Sounds borderline-schizophrenic, right...?

Yet, the idea came as a result of observations that could neither be proved nor disproved...

Back at Steemit’s start, I threw my energy hard into it and the blockchain revolution.

From the effect within Steemit itself, to having shared my story at a Bitcoin meetup in Bali and gotten some powerful feedback about what a profound wave my plunge had set in motion from some attendees, the journey begun with a huge surge - which was the direct consequence of my input.

And then, the decline. Both of prices and my energy levels invested into the Steemit community and vision for the blockchain revolution.

Months later after taking a breather, I began picking up writing again as prices rebounded enough to merit the service rendered. And as I once again amped up my input, so the prices went up yet again - and yet further up, as the rewards fueled even greater creative output, until the peak of January.

And then, another natural correction.

Yet, as I waited for the next price rebound, I slacked off in the service. And as I withdrew my energy, prices slid further. As I waited longer and longer, my naive optimism for the market to make me rich without lifting a finger got its blunt reality check. And as what I contributed into the community shifted from inspiration and value to frustration and resentment, the market seemed to follow suit until 95% of what I had “made” was lost - an approximately fair match to what was probably about 5% of the energy I was putting in at the previous peak moments.

Was my input driving the market...?

Surely not from any rational or “sane” perspective.

Yet, there was an undeniable correlation.

Along with some deeper sense of knowing that even if the market was going to do what it was going to do anyways, I still was an integral part of the market and affecting the crowd through my contributions to it - whether that was all-positive enthusiasm during the booms or FUD during the crashes.

Maybe I’m part crazy to even consider that what I share on Steemit could have an effect in swaying the massive tides of an entire financial system.

Or maybe it’d be crazy to think it didn’t.

After all, the most “successful” of all my writings on Steemit were those contributing to culture.

They were the ones educating fellow humans in the potentials of these new crypto ecosystems, providing insight to help navigate the unchartered waters of the emerging world - insight which was/is much needed in the midst of these times wherein our old world systems are breaking down.

They embodied a spirit of leadership.

They weren’t merely some substanceless bullshit about Lambos and mooning scam coins. They were about the mindsets and processes of stepping into our sovereignty as value creators in our service to evolution as we collectively shift from the broken structures of a failing world to higher orders of integrity, wisdom, and sustainable prosperity.

Maybe it isn’t too far-fetched to connect some dots in observing potential cause-and-effects between that type of focus and impact upon the minds, hearts, and souls of some Steemit readers - which are but a gateway to the larger entity of the crypto domain & market - and performance in the domain (both in terms of price, project & community development).

As I had had written a few months ago, maybe we didn’t deserve the wealth we wanted - simply because we stopped working for it, got complacent, greedy, lazy, and expected others to do the work instead of continuing to fuel the blockchain revolution through our consistent creation of value and service.

And as much as there’s part of me that’d like to write off such perspectives as “crazy thinking” and remain in the hope (or perhaps delusion) that I’m not that powerful, there’s a certain responsibility I can’t deny - that I did slip up. That I did stop spreading the good vibes that undeniably had a positive impact upon readers and the larger crypto community earlier on. That I did allow myself to embody an attitude that wasn’t constructive to perpetuating the type of cultural education & values the revolution requires to advance which had undeniably corresponded with the booms I participated in previously via my impactful service.

Why would I expect anything less than a market hit when I’ve been a harbinger of fear, uncertainty, and doubt - when all direct experience I had to date seemed to prove there was some link between the positive contribution I’d made to the movement and its growth...?

Why would any of us realistically expect the universe to bless us with luxury cars and early retirements when we failed to utilize what we had earned in the first waves to keeping building and serving...?

Sure, we might just be getting tossed along by the tides of economic trends. Yet what we do possess the capability of exerting forceful action in creating value of that makes waves of its own...?

Undoubtedly, we do.

Whether it remains lying dormant or put into action depends on our choices.

And while those choices are made consciously or unconsciously, our actions are making a difference.

Should we want crypto to bounce back and boom to increasing new highs, the movement needs people like you and I serving it. It needs thought leaders & visionaries, educators, developers, entrepreneurs, and advocates. So it shouldn’t be all that big a shock when the market tanked alongside our commitment to focusing more on connecting & building than on our personal gains.

So may I have been co-creating the fate of crypto. Just as you, too, have been.

Or maybe I oughta shut my mouth before someone reports me to be sent to the psych ward...

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I don't know about you or anyone being able to impact the market with "vibes", but I do think that the holders are some of the worst enemies of crypto. I think these people who are uneducated about what they are buying into and are just looking for a quick buck are some of the worst issues with crypto currency right now. I will admit, I was probably one of those people at the start. I think the majority of us start this journey with dollar signs in our eyes. Over time I learned more and my focus shifted just from making money to supporting something that I believe in. Sure, making money would be great, but I really see Steemit as more of a hobby now. It is something I can do for enjoyment and make a little money doing it. It is also a way that I can support and help others worldwide that might not be in circumstances that are as beneficial as mine.

Great article, the revolution happen to have the same level of energy every day despite the current market condition.

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