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Everything that is needed for development in one place


Nowadays, technology encompasses almost every aspect of human life, the demand for applications, services, networks, among other things, useful for the development of life as known in these times is becoming stronger. The common activities are governed even in a minimum percentage by some technology, whether it is something of an advanced technical or business scope or something as “simple” as a social network.


Every day most people are anchored to digital applications, mostly social networks, in fact for many they are a means of work, for their part they are given a lot of use, and most people are not imagine the amount of tools that are geared behind that interface to make everything work as it should be, that is safe, private, that meets certain requirements, and often does not become as expected but has failures because the tools They don't fit exactly.

The creation of these applications or networks is carried out by some developers in order to create new technology or give their input to improve the digital world that we already know, in technical terms they must use a certain amount of tools to fulfill their goal, these tools are strangely all in one place, that is, developers must use several platforms to fulfill their mission, therefore the result is not always optimal, since you have every “piece” so to speak, from a different environment and do not fit in their perfection, although they fulfill the expected function is not the 100% desired result.

That is why the need arises for a platform that has all the necessary tools for the development of applications, under the same environment, therefore everything would fit perfectly, in addition to having a blockchain technology system that provides greater stability and security.

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What is ProximaX?

ProximaX in general terms is a platform for the development of applications and services with great ease of use, it has the necessary tools to create such services and applications with the use of this single platform. In addition to the fact that users can enjoy the benefits provided by blockchain technology, basically the future of internet development, all in one place.

The ProximaX project allows developers to create their own decentralized applications
(“DApps”) and system solutions for commercial use.

Source. Whitepaper page 7

With ProximaX you can develop almost anything like for example
Social media platform, such as the already known Facebook and Instagram, to name a few, which basically life as we know today.
Streaming and entertainment services, such as the popular and beloved Netflix.
Business services, useful for any corporation, however small, such as spreadsheets, tracking and behavioral applications, applications for easier and more advanced management of the company, among other things.

ProximaX siruis

The global digital platform is full of numerous projects that have blockchain technology, but there is so much variety that each project has its specific scope, such as some focus on large transactions, others are based on storage, among other things, so that there is not a geared operation of all the tools, since they do not come from the same ecosystem, therefore application developers are obliged to create their projects with parts of several platforms and hope for the best result that that can throw.

To solve the cyber “disaster” in which the large numbers of existing blockchain projects are translated, SiriusProximaX is created, it is a platform that is the backbone of the aforementioned ProximaX project, which is a modified and augmented blockchain , that is to say, it improves all the loose links of other platforms with blockchain technology in charge of providing tools to create applications or services. It is worth noting that this technology is governed by a token called “Service Unit”.

In general terms, ProximaX sirius is a chain formed by layers that make them work as tools for developers in such a way that when working together the possibility of a project that does not work like a clock is left behind, on the contrary everything fits perfectly when belonging to the same ecosystem.

Main features
  • Database system: It is a technology, like any other blockchain, decentralized, backed by tendermint and a document-based database, called MongoDB in order to apply blockchain technology. This system has essential tools for the proper functioning of the platform, such as simple transfer transaction contracts, its own asset management and metadata storage. Developers have this data system to optimally create their applications with powerful functionality.
  • Storage: This storage layer provides total security when creating a project, as it is implemented through a file management system protocol, that is integrated into the blockchain layer. This system allows developers to get rid of external storage providers, and also provides greater security by implementing user-side encryption for maximum data security, with fragmented storage in a point-to-point network.
  • Consensus: The ProximaX platform implements a consensus system for voting, governance and node collection. It should be noted that both nodes, developers and content creators will be rewarded with tokens.
  • Blockchain: The blockchain layer is basically about the lung of the platform since it feeds the entire ecosystem of it, it is interconnected with all the above mentioned layers.
  • Streaming: Privacy is of the utmost importance, for ProximaX this is not overlooked therefore it offers a tool called streaming protocol that allows you to perform video tasks anonymously and securely. This layer has two types, live streaming, for completely anonymous interactions between users and storage streaming, which offers streaming content from storage.

ProximaX in general terms is a platform that promotes the development of developments in the technological field, improving all the technical aspects that can lead to a failure. ProximaX is what is needed for the future of applications as users already request.

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Why use ProximaX?

"To the client what he needs" already for this next year the applications must meet more requirements, since the users already demand something better, something that includes everything, that is why ProximaXhas been put to the task of improving the failures that may have the applications and services, providing the amount of tools necessary for the development of some service or application without having to resort to another place.


Benefits of using ProximaX

Cost savings: Due to the ease of use of the platform, users and creators can develop their projects without having the greatest knowledge of blockchain, which reduces property costs and development time.

Highly scalable. ProximaX has the ability to handle a large number of users as well as workload, data transmission and transactions. It should be noted that users can store and transmit large data without affecting the blockchain where transactions are being carried out quickly with a lot of security.

Highly configurable: development is allowed in an environment with both permission and without it, the second is a solution to the public blockchain network with a very strong ecosystem of consensus protocols, meanwhile the authorized environment is based on customers business.

Security: Thanks to the fact that PROXIMAX has a distributed architecture, cyber attacks are impossible since it would be necessary to compromise all nodes simultaneously.

Transparent: The data stored within the platform is encrypted and time stamped by default, which guarantees security, auditing and irreversibility.

Total availability: The activity time of the business is guaranteed through the use of integrated and distributed ledger technology

Speed: Thanks to point-to-point technology there is great speed in transactions.

Easy to use: ProximaX Sirius is friendly and available in a large number of languages which makes it easy to integrate for all users.

Flexible: Networks can be chained off the platform as well, for example with networks like bitcoin.
All these advantages make ProximaX the best platform for application development, improving the creation experience and generating a quality product.

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All tools in one place

There are many platforms for the creation of applications and services, so that developers have several options, but although there is variety there is not one that has all the necessary tools, that is, that content creators must use several platforms to meet its ultimate goal, therefore the product is abstract with tools from various environments. That is why ProximaX provides all the necessary tools for the creation of an application or service in a more precise and competent way that meets the expectations of the user and creator, since everything fits perfectly as it is designed to work together, to be only one. The advantages of having everything in one place are endless, it saves time, work and money, and most importantly the final product will be better than expected.


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Token Technology in ProximaX

The token-based economy is a crucial point within the proximax platform because it generates sustainability for the project. It is implemented as an incentive within the platform, thus ensuring a good environment and working together among the participants.

The basic principles adopted in ProximaX’s tokenomics design include:

● Self-organization and synergy of rational behavior of system elements.
● Adaptability to adverse tactics and internal attacks.
● Fuel the use of the core services in the infrastructure
● Extendible infrastructure to facilitate plug-ins for inclusion of additional core services.

Source, whitepaper page 4

The token ecosystem is based on two parts:


● ProximaX’s Native Token (XPX): Powers the blockchain layer and is used to
pay for platform services.
● Service units: Quantifiable units of measure for the provision of platform
● Custom tokens (mosaics): Can be created to power the internal economy of a
decentralized application (“DApp”).


● Payments made by end-consumers: Any payment method can be integrated
with an application, for tokens and fiat.
Source, whitepaper page 4-5


Native Token (XPX)

The Sirius ProximaX platform has its own token to be managed within it for the payment of services for example, the subscribers of the platform exchange the XPX for service units to perform the following actions:

1 By consumers to pay for platform services;
2 To incentivize nodes for running a service; and
3 To represent the capacity of a node for providing a service.

Source whitepaper page 6

There are different types of service units that stand out on the platform

-Storage unit (SO) for data storage. A unit represents the ability to store data. 1 SO
corresponds to 1 GB of space per month.
-Streaming unit (SM) for streaming. A unit represents the data motion between nodes
or nodes and consumers. 1 SM corresponds to 1 streamed GB.
-Supercontract unit (“SC”) for execution of supercontracts. 1 SC corresponds to 1
supercontract instruction code.
-Review unit (RW) for feedback and content review. 1 RW corresponds to 1 XPX worth
of paid content.

Source whitepaper page 6

The fact of having your own token economy makes it a more complete, solid and based project to improve the developer creation experience.

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A world of applications for ProximaX

The technological world is advancing every day, it is essential to create new applications and technologies that improve the life of users of digital devices every day. Every day human beings demand more and better services that make their lives easier, that allows them to communicate better, have more contact with society or manage their business better, this is how creativity is aroused and content creators put hands to the work to develop applications or services available to everyone. To meet this goal, developers must use certain tools and platforms, which in this case, thanks to ProximaX, are given in one place, in this way they apply their knowledge and make everything work correctly.

ProximaX can be applied in a huge number of projects such as:

Social networks: The most common today where every being on the planet places its data and probably shares its tastes and preferences, as well as being an important means of communication. On the other hand, since social networks are currently a means of work, the fact that ProximaXcan be applied to its creation is extremely important.

In the business field: Through ProximaX you can create tools of great importance for any company such as spreadsheets, advanced note blocks, among many other applications and services that optimize business life and increase business quality.

Police bodies: Although it sounds like a TV, police and criminal investigation bodies can also use ProximaX because with an application created with the tools that this project offers you can easily access evidence easily, quickly and safely.
Among many other applications for ProximaX, these are just some of them, but creativity is the order of the day within the platform.

Use case 1.

Vanessa Miller wishes to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, therefore it is intended as a goal to create a new social network application because he knows that it is something that everyone catches the attention and very useful today. At first he tries to make the network trying to offer everything that the others do not already exist, but there is a problem that for its creation needs everything to work correctly and does not find a platform that provides everything you need. Among so much research is ProximaX, a platform that provides all the tools you need, puts them into operation hoping to obtain the expected result at the level of security, efficiency, speed and everything that the best social network may need.

Use case 2., this is what the new online shopping platform is called, since having high demand items is growing so that they need to improve their services, they intend to work with blockchain technology for payments and services, in this way after a meeting raised, reinvent the project so that they apply ProximaX to create a faster, more complete and secure service platform that implements blockchain technology for its operation and payment methods. It was so easy for them to work with PROXIMAX that they decided to implement it in the creation of their custom spreadsheet and custom notepad applications to manage them within the company.

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Check my video about it

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The digital world is advancing rapidly, which is why it is of the utmost importance to offer efficient services and applications and that have everything that the client needs, that function as a gear. There are currently too many platforms operating based on blockchain technology, there are a variety of options, but only one has this technology and it offers all the necessary tools in one place, ProximaX, with the implementation of this platform the creation of content, the Application and service development is 100% improved, because everything works correctly since it belongs to the same ecosystem, to the same family. For its part, ProximaX applies a token system that is highly efficient and sustainable. Therefore the applications of the future can already be developed with ProximaX.

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Road Map


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The Leaders

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Introduction video about ProximaX

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