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As I mentioned in my previous post, Btc quickly moved away from the critical $ 44,000 and started to rise. Where is the critical level in Btc and should I be worried?

The critical level for Btc to rise again was $ 46,100. If it exceeds $ 46,100, it will rise towards $ 48,200. If it can stand above $ 48,200 today and tomorrow, it will not be difficult to reach $ 52,000.

The most important level we need to be aware of will be $ 52,000, after $ 52,000 there may be a correction again, but if it can stay around $ 52,000, it could reach a new record this month.

When I look at the past years chart of Btc, March is usually a decline, but nothing is the same, this year may be different. It also seems that recently Bitcoin miners prefer to save rather than sell. I make a forecast by looking at the charts and market conditions. Results may not always be as expected. Please be careful. Never forget that there may be price adjustments after the critical levels that I mentioned.

"I do not give investment advice, I just guess by following the world news. Sudden losses in value can happen anytime, things can turn around, but I always believe that cryptocurrencies will gain more value in the long run. I mainly invest in Btc, eth and some coin that I trust."

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