Where is the critical level in Btc and should I be worried?

in #crypto2 months ago

When I look at the cryptocurrency market in general, I think there is no need to worry. Because when I look at the Btc charts in recent years, there has always been a price adjustment and most of the time this correction has been around 30%. It appears to be 100% up 1 month after the price adjustment was made.


Btc has been testing the critical $ 44,000 for a few days, if it drops below $ 44,000 it could drop to $ 40,000. If there is no major problem, it will rise again.

Btc will have sudden price increases and decreases along the way, these increases and decreases are expected at this stage. But I don't think it will return to previous levels due to institutional investors.

I think strong cryptocurrencies will look stable like gold in the future. But we are just at the beginning of this phase.

"I do not give investment advice, I just guess by following the world news. Sudden losses in value can happen anytime, things can turn around, but I always believe that cryptocurrencies will gain more value in the long run. I mainly invest in Btc, eth and some coin that I trust."

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