Went From $27 to $187 to $127?

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I am hardly even active on here, since I found out self promotion on any social media platform is entirely pointless.
So, without creating consistent content, which is what I was originally instructed to do in order to profit from this platform, what governed the value of my account?

Over a year a go, I pretty much gave up because posting 5 posts that were actually good daily, made my account fall from $87 to $17 overnight. I stopped posting after that, sans maybe a rant once a month. My account stayed at $17 for over a year.

Then, a couple weeks ago, it was suddenly worth $187, even though I hardly produced any content. Now it jumped down to $127?

This is why human needs cannot rely on any money-market system. Money of all varieties, especially crypto, is way too volatile. We need a Resource Based Economy so all human needs can be met. This will result in crime dropping by at least 95%. Eventually we could eliminate the need for laws and government, which is the number one thing people complain about regarding our culture.

I wanna have a long, frank conversation with the person who dragged me onto this platform, had me do a whole bunch of work, only to not profit because it doesn't work the way you are told that it works.

At least I can power down and give my crypto to a deserving person. Not sure what the issue was but, it is fixed now that my account is worth less.

Social media and crypto are 2 of the worst creations of our era. You don't fix the damage of one Ponzi scheme by setting up another Ponzi scheme.

Yeah, and, you can look all of the terms used yourself. I get tired of working without getting paid. I am not one to contribute to the generation of laziness. Wanna know what a Resource Based Economy is or what a Ponzi Scheme is, look it up yourself, shameless self promoters.

There is no profit in truth. No wonder we have a society full of liars and embellishers.

I'm Powering Down, which looks like will actually make my account worth even less. How cute.

I'll find some other hope-filled, naive person to give it to.

Good day....

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