Free 500$ registration bonus on crypto exchange

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Hello Guys! How are you? Today I want to talk about a new exachange upcoin which is giving 500$ to first 100.000 users who join in beta-testing phase.

What is UPcoin?

UPcoin is a crypto exchange, offering up to 1000 cryptocurrencies from start. Trading starts in March 2018.

The bonus $500 you receive at registration can be used only to cover your trading fees when trading begins.
According to the website it will open after 13 days.
Getting the bonus is very simple just follow the following ways

1)Visit the upcoin exchange

2)enter your email

  1. then verify your email .

  2. then it will ask you to complete a small survey.
    the survey contains basic questions related to trading.

  3. After then join there telegram group and subscribe to Facebook and Twitter feed.

  4. click on activate account.

  5. you will see 500$ credited in your account

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