what is QETH

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QETH is a 1-3 year ETH future token on the Ethereum blockchain which was launched by QuickCash in zb.com, the QETH is a new crypto asset that provide liquidity mining to foster the growth of newly launched Eth2.0. QETH is issued in strict accordance with the 1QETH:1ETH collateral. this is very volatile due to the measure of the ETH 2.0


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Nice idea, good concept. Launched on zb.com! Let's see how great the project will be. zb.com is one of the biggest exchanges we have. So confident about the project. Love zb.com too

Scalability is really a major issue in ETH. most investors are very optimistic about the changes in Ethereum Network after the launched of ETH 2.0

Same bro it's best exchange

If QETH can foster the development of ETH 2.0, that’s mean it can enhance the scalability of Ethereum.

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