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Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to write about my long-term investments in crypto currency. Through careful research, and with the help of @suppoman and our community I’ve ended up with the below portfolio breakdown. Day trading has burned me a few times and I have decided to just hold long term from now on. If I like something new down the road I will likely acquire it but I will NOT sell anything from my current portfolio.

1. AntShares

This is a no brainer for me. They are currently rebranding to Neo and are optimistic in meeting the July 24th deadline. There is more than just the rebranding that they are targeting for the 24th. Please look at the link below for all the July 24 milestones. If there’s anything I’ve learned from crypto it’s that market news makes a big impact! If you are interested in this coin then invest now before the July 24 hype begins.


2. Steem

This one was an easy decision too. Although I’m new to the Steemit platform I have been an investor and believer for quite some time now. I’ve powered up my Steem into Steem Power and want to use that to encourage more interaction on my posts. I want to reward people for taking the time out to read my content, upvoting, and even commenting on my post with their opinion. Now I can do so with the Steem Power I have!

3. Verge

This is a low risk investment in my opinion. I believe in the technology and the price its trading at right now is an absolute steal. You can get a very good volume of coins for a low price. I don’t anticipate Verge being this low in the foreseeable future.

4. ReddCoin

This coin is much like Verge. It’s a coin that’s trading for very low right now and has a lot of potential. If you haven’t heard about ReddCoin then you can take a look at their website. It offers a great way of tipping content creators on ALL social media platforms. Allows users to do more than the simple like or thumbs up.


5. Basic Attention Token

One of the most impressive parts about BAT is the community behind it. BAT is also backed by the founder of Mozilla Firefox and focuses on advertising. The main premise behind BAT is user attention and rewarding those same users for participating in the advertisements.

6. LiteCoin

LiteCoin is a hedge for me. @crypto-oracle has convinced me to invest a bit into LiteCoin just to hedge against Bitcoin. Usually days when BitCoin is on the downtrend, you will see LiteCoin going up. I don’t have many but I do believe LiteCoin has a strong team and has a lot of potential in the future. I’ve also seen an Amazon petition for LiteCoin and BitCoin to be accepted as a form of payment on their website. This would be HUGE!


7. SiaCoin
SiaCoin was one of my first crypto investments. I got it initially at a very good price (what it’s trading for now) and rode the wave all the way up. I did get burned by investing more into it when it reached its peak and how fast it plummeted back down. I still believe in this technology but I’m just worried as to when I will actually see a return on this.

8. BitQuence

Bitquence was brought to my attention through the community @suppoman has built. It caught my attention because of the clear problem it is attempting to solve. It makes investing into crypto currency a lot easier and will really be successful when marketed to the masses. It also rewards token holders for accurate predictions on alt coins. There is a post that I resteemed a little while ago that goes through this new technology in detail. I've included it below for reference.


I hope all of you enjoyed this post and got some insight into what coins I deem valuable. I'm interested to hear if you all are in agreement with me or if I've missed any coins?!




Litecoin is the perfect "Silver" to Bitcoin's gold with faster and cheaper transactions! It will see steady growth as its the most stable coin with an outstanding community and team. Glad you took my advice :) the rest of your portfolio is amazing too, very well diversified with some top quality coins! I wish you the very best in your crypto success!

Thank you @crypto-oracle ! I can't wait till we all have our own Lambos in 2020 haha.

Great! Looks like we have similar interests haha. Please follow and we can keep each other updated with our crypto thoughts. I've followed you as well.


Oh wow you got some new coins in there I've never seen before! I will need to research them on my own. I've followed you as well so keep the good content coming!

Big fan of Litecoin, Siacoin, Bitquence and ANS/NEO

Pretty decent portfolio you got there! I love the fact that you got Steem, NEO, and Litecoin in there, I'm bullish on these as well. The only one I'm unfamiliar with is BitQuence.

BitQuence just ICO'd recently. It hasn't hit any major exchanges yet but I think it should sometime in August. Their product is expected to be released for the token holders in 3 to 5 months.

Thanks for the info, I will check it out!

Very nice and diverse selection you have.

I also am invested and bullish on Antshares, Litecoin, and of course Steem. Haven't heard of Verge, I'll have to look into that one. Have you considered purchasing any ETH, EOS, or DASH?

Thanks for sharing man!

No worries! I had ETH early on but I decided to sell it because of how high it is already. I'm trying to catch a coin when it's dirt cheap and ride it till it gets to ETH level haha. @suppoman is high on EOS as well but I haven't looked into it properly. DASH and LiteCoin seem quite similar so I went with LiteCoin.

I gotcha. You never know which coin will explode next, I suppose. Hope you're right, so you can get those lambos you're dreaming about ;)

I'm in on bitquence. highly recommend it. ofcourse it's early, but the people behind it are very active in slack and very friendly. I think this one will go far.
As for the rest of the list, i am also invested in antshares(NEO), siacoin and verge.