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Since the world is in the digital era, nearly everything is done digitally with the aid of the internet and other digital technologies.

Every system is embracing digitalization because it shows a higher rate of dependability and efficiency, compared to the archaic methods. Well, it has lived up to its expectations by improving the different systems that have adopted it.

Unfortunately, it is not without its hurdles and problems. Since the internet is opened to all, there have been countless reports of hacks, online fraudulent activities, falsification of documents, data theft, security breaches and a whole lot of other security challenges.

The hackers achieve this by tricking and manipulating the system to grant them access to their desired frame.
These security challenges have become alarming and continue to pose serious concerns as cybercrimes are happening more frequently and at an increasingly fast rate.
Once these cyber criminals strike, they leave the individuals, companies or establishments with an inconsiderable amount of loss.

This only proves that the beneficial digital world is not as safe as it seems, and this insecurity jeopardizes not just the assets of the users, but even puts their lives at risk and in the end, trust between the users and the system they are transacting on is lost.

We can't have the world's new beneficial system, being this vulnerable in any way. The main reason why Authoreon has been created.



AUTHOREON is a decentralized platform designed to get rid of the security threats present in the different digital systems.

This platform will make use of the unbeatable technologies which includes Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence ( A.I) and other recent technologies, in combination with advanced algorithms and methods like cryptography and substituting algorithms.

All these would be directed at making the digital world a fully secured place, which houses different digital activities, without fear.

AUTHOREON platform confirms the validity of the user's claim and then ensure that access is granted to the right users and that traceability is also achieved, with the aid of the blockchain and other sophisticated technologies.

To ensure that it fully provides total security and restores the privacy which has been lost, the AUTHOREON platform has also developed the SYNAPSE PROTOCOL and the ACCESS LOCK.


SYNAPSE PROTOCOL is designed based on the blockchain technology, with great features which helps for the improvement of the system and it's functions, with the aid of the Smart contract.

The ACCESS LOCK on the other hand secures the system by limiting access. It only grants access into the system, after it has gotten request from the users and the Synapse has helped authenticate the validity of the request.
This way, the system is fully secured and is far beyond the reach of any intruder.


To access these benefits of the platform, AUTHOREON has made available, a mobile app which is designed with the aim of making transactions and different kinds of operations, seamless for the users. It has the capability to authentic, authorize and track transactions, making sure that the assets are in the right hands.

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AUTHOREON is really a bad news for the hackers or cyber criminals, because it gives no room for any form of manipulation.

All these is just the beginning, because AUTHOREON still has a lot in Stock for the users and are working towards the incorporation of the system into the different sectors of the world, so that security and privacy can be guaranteed.

Most importantly, AUTHOREON restores trust between different systems, as the users can now trust the system to secure their assets and data.


AUTHOREON has also created an ERC-20 utility token called the AUN token. It is considered the driving force of the AUTHOREON platform, as it is used to make payments, interact with other features in the platform and reward the users. The Authoreon token is also listed as a digital asset on cryptoexchanges, giving it an added benefit of trade mechanism and a means of exchange. AUN plays a vital role in the AUTHOREON platform due to its utility and demand.


I believe that AUTHOREON is the answer to the wishes and hopes of every system or individual and a big comfort to the victims of cyber crimes.
With AUTHOREON in play, the dubious activities of cyber criminals will be eliminated, thereby ensuring that users transact and carry out different activities without fear. To make its adoption easy, the mobile app has been put in place.
Once adopted by all, AUTHOREON will change the world, this is already evident in the gradual adoption of the technology as well as further project development initiated by the Authoreon team.


For more information about the Authoreon Network, kindly access the channels below:

Authoreon Resources


Article Written By: EmmaBen
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=2096551

Ethereum Address: 0x6ef552dE4133726E9f2A5A346E0fD81869DaABaF


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