Why Crypto Sucks Right Now

in #crypto4 years ago

Here's a theory.
Based on my personal experience.

I have to give the government what amounts a years salary in taxes.
This is a yearly salary based on my entire life.
Most of my life I've been paid like a peasant.

Well, imagine my surprise when I made a large income from crypto.
Now consider me paying most of it to the government after the downturn in the market.
I have a feeling other people made money in the hot market.
Now they're about to pay high taxes in a down market.

People got railroaded. Tough times. Learned my lesson for next year.
I'm on the freedom train either way.

My guess is that the market will skyrocket once people get over the kick in the nuts that they got from the tax man.


Paying something to goverment?LoL
Ill rather kill my self.

haha, i like you

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