Crypto bomb. Part 3. FUD

in #crypto4 years ago (edited)

An apple a day...

Or in this case a google a day, def does keep the mind FUD at bay. What I mean by this is do yourself a favour, once a week type the word cryptocurrency into google, and browse through the top stories. Seriously if you were even a little bit panicked about what the future might hold, after recent events, prepare to laugh your ass off, and feel a whole lot better. 


For example today this got posted:

Headline for the video:

US government could kill Bitcoin, warns finance expert

Thats not even an exaggeration, that's a direct quote. Frankly the whole video shows a distinct lack of understanding for...well everything. It's like a five year old rationalising world debt. You're like nice try kid, but stop talking about unicorns and candy canes and let the grown ups get back to work.


Meanwhile, in a more professional capacity this got posted:

It shows at least some people are realising that this is all very much grass roots, and that companies are keen to find solutions to decades long issues using blockchain, or future derivatives of trustless networks.

Finally, on the regulation side of things, would companies be hesitant in their plans for expansion? Maybe hold off from expanding business models to governments finalise their stance. Nope...

Why because cryptocurrency is here to stay. A volatile year ahead yes, but lets replace the word regulation with something else, because regulation conjures up in some peoples mind what veganism does to "plant based diet". So lets try a new word in its place...legitimacy. Because that's pretty much whats happening right now. 

And to make sure we all pay our dues. Death and Taxes people, the only two certainties in life. And possibly shillcoins after 2018 is done with :).

Either way don't, like I did for all of two hours yesterday, let the media FUD screw with your head. And if you have a weak head for holding, then stay away from the forums.

But I do highly recommend just browsing the top stories for the next couple of months. It's like the old newspaper cartoons, funny, but only because of how bad they are.

Happy investing and reading.