Crypto for good - Why I love this technology

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So I saw this doing my weekly browsing, and I had to share it. Gotta get some ARK across to this guy.

If its leggit, and I don't see why not, well then this just goes to show you what good can come from people coming together on something they feel passionate about.

I've seen a few things like this. But I like the personal aspect, and although its old, hopefully the wallet funds are growing to a level that well help them out.


I guess contact this Colby Mort guy direct if in doubt. If not here are the links. If by sharing he makes a few extra coins, then its worth ten minutes of my time to post.

FYI, I don't know this guy at all.


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Thanks for making us aware of this fund. It is sad to see a terminally ill parent. I could not imagine growing up without either one of my parents. It truely breaks my heart when I see that. What is worse is it typically makes it financially challenging for those left behind. Hopefully more people can donate to this family because of your post.

excelente su post

Hope you get some coins.. My coin balance is to low for me to send ya any, but can send you all my good wishes.. :)

Not for me bud, just some stranger whose post I saw on medium. If you get lucky one day, maybe send it through to the address. I believe its for the guy's wife when he passes on.

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