Crypto ignorance

in #crypto4 years ago

There has been a lot of talk recently about crypto regulation.

I think its time to start regulating something else, namely individuals who cant even string a proper article together. Especially from the main news agencies.

Take a look at this recent one:

Its written by this guy:

His qualifications for commentating on cryptocurrency. Sweat fuck all.

His first paragraph:

"IN A SHOCK admission, the CEO of one of the world’s most successful cryptocurrencies has said that he believes all digital currencies are set to plummet in value to a price of £0."

Is a blatant lie, taken completely out of context.

I mean seriously, if this had been a major listed company, or an individual, there would be lawsuits pending. Retractions written.

But crypto is fair game for anyone with half a brain cell who can type 100 words a minute.

The whole article smacks of misrepresentation and sensationalist journalism. Its the have a go heros equivalent of business news light.

Seriously stick to local and regional news Dan. Crypto is beyond your ability to properly research, and provide a well informed unbiased standpoint on.

Either that or its a very heavy handed FUD pay-off. Crypots volatile right now, yeah no wonder given all the bullshit journalistic crap I have had to filter through recently. And alot of it smacks of price manipulation and hypocrisy.