Zero Carbon Project - An Eco-Friendly Crypto & Blockchain Use Case - A Way To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

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It would be really cool, if we could use 100% renewable, eco-friendly electricity in our homes and businesses today. But according to International Renewable Energy Agency(IRENA), currently, only "A third of global power capacity is now based on renewable energy". With about 7,9% annual growth rate, it would take years before we can enjoy 100% renewable energy.

In the meantime, we are forced to use fossil fuels to generate two-third of the electricity we consume causing global warming and undesirable climate changes.

While the renewable energy sector is doing a decent job of reducing the carbon footprint, it is not fast enough. The Zoro Carbon Project takes a different approach by collaborating with energy suppliers to offset carbon emissions by using international carbon credits. At the same time offering residents and businesses low electricity costs by making the energy suppliers participate in Zero Carbon Marketplace and Zero Carbon Tokens.

How does it work:

Zero Carbon Project is available in UK and Australia now with rollouts planned for Texas and east coast in the US, major European countries starting with Germany, Canada, New Zealand and Japan in the very near future. Join the Zero Carbon Project to reduce your electricity bills and earn free Zero Carbon Tokens now:

You can also get free Zero Carbon Tokens by joining the Zero Carbon Project and promoting it from anywhere in the world:

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