in #crypto2 years ago (edited) started a new promotion today that you should not miss out on!
They offer a multi-currency wallet that allows for staking of their native token to receive a share of accrued fees.
You can also earn an interest on many coins and take loans out of the app.
Pretty neat stuff right?
They now have come up with an offer that is hard to resist, so just don't resist at all ;)

Hit me up on Discord under  Backenbart#3693 after completing the offer, I will send some steem your way on top of the $50 reward!

Download app, pass KYC, spend $10 on crypto.

You and me get $50 credited.



Resteemed to my 7000 followers, I encourage all of my loyal followers to sign up for this using your code! What a deal!!

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@supermeatboy is very honest for changing the title when he found out rules have changed. im sorry i wasnt able to buy the crypto in time, ID verification took too long but im excited toi still have another crypto debit card backup after bitpay and cash card

awesome, i am trying to sign up right now, this was monaco card before if anyone remebered them

It says the app is not yet supporting my country. My bad luck I can't use it. Will wait for the time when it expands its service to more countries, thanks for your updates.

I guess that means there is a high chance, it may not be available inthe country I am currently based in :(

Same for me x)

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Hey meat! I forgive you for your sins and tip you some tokens here.


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Sorry, @swapsteem You’ve reach daily limit of 5 successful STIP calls!
Please try again in tomorrow!

To view or trade STIP go to
Token distribution bot developed by @swapsteem & @ali-h

That's nice of you

Not sure it worked? lol

Good opportunity for all crypto lovers. Thanks for this post.

I’ll give it a try - what’s there to lose? ;)

Expect a friend request from jdk#7067

I used your referral code, thanks for sharing!

You have mi instead of the link to go directly to the page to put the code. Now I registered without being able to put your code. How to catch up?
And he has to spend 10 dollars in crypto ???

It doesn't work anymore. Now they have changed the rules and require your referral to invest $ 250 approximately. Only then will you get $ 50.

Yes it works I just did it yesterday, and I received.

yesterday was the last day

It was the 17th, I did it on the 18th

Yes it works I just did it yesterday, and I received. 10.8 MCO

I also made a video about it.

Do you know how much it takes to withdraw the MCO received?

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Is the app available in Nigeria yet??

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See if its available for you in the app store, if so, it is :)

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According to the FAQ it is required for the invited user to stake 50MCO. After that you will get the 50$.

Does this work for people living in Asia? Specifically, the country known as Malaysia :D

See if its available for you in the app store, if so, it is :)

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