REMME: protect yourself and your business from hacking

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REMME is a project based on blockchain technology, creating solutions for access control, replacing the password distributed authentication. It also prevents attacks such as phishing, server access and password violations, and password reuse.

REMME can easily be attributed to modern projects in the field of information security. The feature of the REMME system is to replace standard logins and passwords with a distributed authentication system.

REMME identity platform is based on the Emercoin SSL protocol. Thanks to it you can save all digital fingerprints of user certificates on the blockchain. As a result of the platform operation, user authorization and access to remote sites become securely protected. This service stores the necessary data on the blockchain and does not require the use of passwords. This eliminates risks such as human error, weak passwords, and centralized servers that store them.

It should be noted that Remme does not provide passwords. This is because ordinary passwords make every account vulnerable to hackers. No matter how much money is spent on company security, all efforts will be in vain if customers use passwords that are easy to crack. For example, if a hacked social media account can be seen as a minor loss, hacker attacks on companies and government agencies can result in significant economic, political, and social losses.

REMME ICO results

The REMME project, which is developing solutions in the field of computer security, in particular, the password-free authentication of users and devices on the blockchain, during 13-14 February managed to collect more than 19,000 ETH (more than $18 million) as part of the initial coin offering. With the results of the presales in December of 2017, the startup has collected around $20 million investments overall.

Initially, the founder of the project, Alexander Momot, planned to hold ICO in four currencies, but because of DDoS attacks, Ethereum was chosen to collect funds.

They had a lot of attacks at the start, a professional group from Russia worked, it created 1500 bots, DDoS, raised several phishing sites, the REMME team was absolutely sure that their ICO would be interrupted. 

During the ICO, users received utility-tokens

The user who had purchased the tokens became a mini version of GlobalSign or Comodo, he can issue security certificates to customers. All you need to do is to start the node. 90% of the profits that are earned by the system goes to the holders of such nodes.

The funds raised will be used to develop software that will identify devices or users with the help of security certificates, as well as to open offices and recruit employees.

Collecting funds in one currency is the best solution for projects around which there is already a certain hype, and there is a possibility that somebody will try to steal the money. How do scammers act in such cases? First, they turn off the main site, so that users can not go to it, then they place in the Telegram-chat another address, and people without seeing other sources, begin to send money there. In the first two days of collecting funds, REMME did not provide users with the opportunity to invest in any currency other than Ethereum. In turn, the collection of funds through Ethereum smart contract akes all the load on the Ethereum servers. So the smart contract protected REMME from hacking into the personal account.

Around REMME project, a large community was formed, the participants of which insisted on the priority right of investment. Therefore, according to the smart contract, only members of this community, the so-called white list, could invest in the first two days. On the first day, there was an additional restriction on the maximum size of investments, so that large investors could not buy most of the tokens – it was allowed to invest up to 15 ETH. On the third day, it was supposed to remove restrictions on the currency and ICO participants, but by that time the tokens had already been sold. 5000 users managed to participate in the ICO.

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