REMME: what to expect in the nearest future

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REMME offers a unique security system based on the Ethereum blockchain and public protocol of key infrastructure (PKI).  The complete security of all user data within the network are provided by the REMME’s blockchain, PKI protocol and decentralized apps. 

Thanks to its out-of-box solutions REMME users will be able to get rid of such problems as:

  • Necessity to create and use passwords – the weakest link of any security system;
  • Regular hacking attacks on centralized servers where the personal user data are stored;
  • High costs of corporate security systems. 

REMME’s pros: 

  • No need to use CA protection system with the centralized servers which can be easily hacked;
  • Ability to use many various blockchains and side chains. Users are free to pick up among the multiple combinations;
  • Total control over personal user data. Only the user will know his private key and will be able to access his personal info;
  • Unlimited amount of user accounts supporting the SSL certificates. At any point of time, the user can choose any account.

The REMME team: the platform’s future is in their hands 

Most companies launch their ICOs just a few months after starting the business, only with a bare idea in their hands. REMME took the hardest road and at first launched a full-working company with the staff of experienced developers, launched a few pilot programs, found partners and collected feedback about their software from respected colleagues. And only then the Ukrainian team launched the ICO. 

The result of this hardworking team is more than satisfying – by the end of May 2018 the REMME platform already has reached the hard cap, successfully finished the ICO, developed the working prototype of their system and built an efficient economy for their REM tokens. 

The core team of REMME counts no more than 25 specialists led by Alex Momot. The developers are mostly blockchain experts and IT gurus who have worked with multiple decentralized projects long before the rise of REMME. 

What will REMME do in the next few years? 

According to the well-thought roadmap, during the next few months (till Q3 2018) the team will be working on the final version of their software and platform. Earlier they are planning to have more partnership with third-party companies. 

After the product’s release REMME has plans to increase the market cap of their REM token and fulfill the promises given to investors. Their global goal is to reach the market cap of 1 billion USD.

As for long-running plans, in 5 years Alex Momot, CEO of REMME, sees his company a successful and huge IT & security player at the global cryptomarket with a several more products released in the field of electronic/digital security. 

Who are the partners of REMME? 

Speaking about the partners of REMME, it should be mentioned that the team is already working with more than a few dozens of huge and small European businesses. The REMME successfully implemented about 500 solutions and became a worldwide provider of decentralized apps and blockchain services/solutions. 

The first partners mentioned REMME are:

  • Infopulse – the subsidiary of Nordic IT group that develops R&D and software;
  • Hotmine – the international IT develop of crypto-related products like BTC miners;
  • Constitutional Health – a US-operator of the huge healthcare database with advanced AI-based system. 

What should investors expect from REMME? 

There are two directions for REMME investors to look upon – short-term and long-term potentials. When it comes to short-term prospects, REMME shows a very good potential due to the massive community trust, exchange listings and the low market cap. Long-term prospects are cautiously optimistic because the technical solutions offered by the team are really great and innovative, with the condition of a few competitors in this niche. 

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