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I hate ads, but I like me some web dev and love me some crypto. MyCoinBag is a simple web app I threw together, so I can keep up with my offline crypto holdings as well as track the cryptocurrency trends from my tiny iPhone SE. I hope you also find it useful. Over this past couple weeks I've shipped a few important changes and I'm finally having the chance to tell you guys about them this evening.


So what's new?

  • Faster page loading!
    • General Coin Archive views now based on custom SQL query
    • Graphs now load via JSON following the initial page load
  • Added a short and sweet Privacy Policy per @jlanzago request
  • Added [24 hour based] percentages in USD and BTC
  • Added Loss / Gain views displaying coins that are down/up in the last month

Minor Improvements / Bug fixes

  • Added active classes to the main nav
  • Fixed a bug that would error 500 if trying to access your bag without a session
  • The top-left h1 now doubles as a link to open you bag (when logged in)

I plan to soon begin adding several different lookups for help in determining trends and such. If you have any ideas that you would like to see implemented, please drop a comment. Thanks for reading!


Good job pal. :)

When will I see this app on the Google Play Store?

It's only a website, but I suppose it could be wrapped up in an app container of some sort eventually.

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