Tired Of All The Scams

in #crypto7 months ago


The past few months in crypto have really been an eye opener. At first we all believed that DeFi was going to change the world somehow... But again seems to be some grand delusion by the masses. Creating money out of thin air simply by using your wits!

So here we are again basically back to where we were a couple months ago, not only in market valuation but in sentiment. Things always seem to start off well but as always any time there's money to be made scammers and corrupt projects makes her way in. Where does that leave us now- today I find myself extremely jaded the whole situation. This has turned out to be tulip mania 3.0.

I have zero faith in any of the new projects that have been coming out because very few of them have performed well they all pump and dump almost immediately. The entire altcoin market has been completely diluted, watered down, become a joke. There are more meme than real coins. How is the world ever going to take us seriously?

With just about every single good project down and all of these useless joke projects going to the Moon it really just makes a mockery of our whole industry. I really just want to take a break from it all at this point. Sure the market will come back eventually but when we don't know. Will any of these projects ever regain their valuations from last month? Certainly not if the scams keep going on, it will scare off all the serious investors if it hasn't already. All of the fish will have been robbed blind and left with a bad taste in their mouths.

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