Faxport (FAS) - Decentralized Platform for Global Sport Business and Funding System

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The sports industry is recognized throughout the world as a 21st century industry, more animated and also very fluid, which crosses, leads and has great potential. In the last decade, the global sports industry has grown at an average annual rate of 5%, which is more than 2.5% of world GDP growth per year and is expected to be one of the four largest global industries. From a global perspective, in areas where sport is strong: in North America, Western Europe, Japan and Korea, the industry has grown to a certain point and has become an important industry. The data shows that by 2017, the production of the world sports industry costs almost 200 million. United States per year. These include competitive sporting events, sports and fitness industries, sporting goods, local operators, intermediaries and traditional sports media. With a different range, the scale of the market is huge.

Faxport is a global sports business platform based on box office successes that addresses the challenges of the global sports market. Its objective is to promote positive interaction in the global sports trade market by directly connecting participants, service providers and consumers through a decentralized separation network. Thanks to the adoption of mechanisms to stimulate and resolve disputes, its objective is to increase user loyalty on all platforms. Faxport aims to create a business ecosystem in innovative sports based on trust, safety and management, practical and free.


There are innumerable problems faced by sports industries in finding the right companies that can suffice all their service needs. Not all companies claiming to provide wonderful services are the ones that you would like to strike a business deal with, there is no scarcity of fraudulent services out there in the market. Prospecting for services has been made a little difficult if not much because of these companies. All clubs aim to provide their players with the best possible training equipment for their optimum development. Data secured from training and equipments play a pivotal role in helping the clubs plan their future strategies. If the data from equipments are manhandled to give false records then these would prove to be a menace and hinder the club's development. Then, to make matters worse, come the high commission rates of agents and services helping you to meet your ideal service provider. All these problems have collectively lead to the dire need for an idea that can address all these issues.

Faxport. Faxport is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology, based on Ethereum’s intellectual development contract. It was created in 2016 to create an economy based on three key benefits of transparency, security and blocking effectiveness, as well as for direct connections of sports investors, service providers and consumers around the world. through a decentralized network to solve problems and challenge the development of the global sports market.


Here are some of the goals that FAXPORT was born with:

  1. FAXPORT aims to eradicate trust issues from the market by keeping clients out of the reach of frauds roaming around. The decentralized ledger is something that will bring transparency into play.

  2. It provides a platform for all the service providers to reach out to their prospective customers and vice-versa. Through this it aims to create a global network allowing communication between stakeholders in the sports service industry.

  3. It has also created a platform allowing brands to popularize their services and let them be known to the rest of the world. Incubations and funding projects also pave the way for sports enthusiasts to invest in various sport programs through crypto-currency.

Faxport features

The development of this platform began in 2016. For two years, specialists managed to achieve significant results. In early 2018, Faxport Holdings Limited is registered in Seychelles. Participants in the system who will use the platform get rid of commission fees. To ensure full data encryption and decentralization, the platform was developed using blockchein technology.

The main goal of the developers now is to create a popular site that will attract the attention of many people. In the process of company activity, each participant will be able to receive FAS token. Funds received in the future can be used for various purposes. For example, crypto currency can be used to pay or perform various transactions.

The Team

Currently, the main team consists of 16 members involved in the research and development of this project, mainly in Hong Kong, mainland China, Tokyo, Europe and North America. At the same time, They attract more business and market partners, as well as Blockchain tech engineers, to make Faxport faster and more efficient. The number of teams is expected to increase to 40 over the next six months.


Jason Hung will support marketing in Asia. And Ali Kassab will support Faxport as a confirmation in fundraising. More importantly, Roberto Carlos, a former Real Madrid player and legendary Brazilian superstar, also participated in the Faxport project as a partner and consultant. It will serve as a gateway to show sports clubs and European and American sports stars in projects to achieve better professional value for Faxport. It is expected that Carlos will participate in the sports science and technology exhibition, to be held at Factorta later. Faxport is targeting a multi-billion dollar growing market and tens of millions of connected professionals.

Li Xiaocheng- one of the founders
Huang Zhijin - one of the founders
Haibing Gong - technical partner
Tom Tong- Marketing Director
MeiKei Chueng - Business Manager
Leung Wai - Senior Business Manager
Meider Shaw - Business Manager
Zhiwei Ho - Customer Service Specialist
Nanjie Wang - Investor and Advisor
Shek Xiang - Counselor

Token distribution

  • 40 million tokens - the initial sales stage (20%).
  • 50 million tokens - the official sales stage (25%).
  • 44 million tokens - Faxport ecosystem preparation (22%).
  • 30 million tokens - distribution between teams (15%).
  • 30 million tokens - distribution to shareholders and advisors (15%).
  • 6 million tokens - budget for marketing activities (3%).


Faxport is something new that the blockchain gets to see and the features it provides is something new that the sports industry will get to see. It does show a good amount of calibre to bring the desired change in the sports industry by reforming certain ways in which things have been done till date. The experience they have gathered in the team has lead them to be very clear about the idea as to what they are doing and the place where they are heading and this will surely act as a plus point for Faxport.


Website: https://faxport.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Faxport_EN/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Faxport_Global-150461205635116/
Telegram: https://t.me/Faxportglobal/
ANN Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3247514.msg33816620
Whitepaper: Click
My bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1221349


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