"ENJstone" - an ENJIN inspired cryptoartwork

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Sometimes the strangest combinations become interesting.

This ENJstone started out looking very different !

I started with a Weavesilk, as is my "custom".
This time, though, I only have a partial model to show off.

The above image is part of Deepdreamgenerator's "preview" of the source image used.
I made the base Weave during lunch at work, and I'm writing this from home, so I don't have access to it right now.

So, I processed it in Deep Style a bit:


I picked the first one, as I found the simple colors very interesting



and then I went into GIMP to do some editing

The first thing I did was apply an Engrave function with the lowest threshold, on a copy of the image:


This gives a style similar to one of my other artworks, Ether In The Dark (which, coincidentally, sold for 26$ worth of Eth earlier today !)

I then selected the entire black segment, and used the "shrink selection" to shrink the selection of black by 1 pixel.

This gets rid of the black lines that usually remain in the Engraved shapes, allowing me to inverse the selection and make that part transparent:

I can then place this processed one:

behind the newly transparent segment :

I then took another copy of the original artwork and passed it through Waterpixels, to make a simpler, blurrier, shape for the "background"


Here the first image I generated is overlayed over the simpler Waterpixels form :


I then cut the image down to just the part I found interesting:


and put it through Deep Style again :


Of these, I selected one to further process, and added a bit to it


The enjin logo is actually just hidden behind a very faint erasure of the image above it/


and that's pretty much it :)

A little canvas effect for style, and voila:



All my work is released under CC-BY