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Alphacrypt is also one of the money public digital made by the calculation mathematically complicated and validated by millions of computer users.
It's too hard to be digested by the human intellect.
The main purpose of the Alphacrypt made is to be the best alternative coins are popular these days such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Because of the increasing number of diverse coin popping,the from Alphacrypt want to strive so that the purpose can be achieved by the Alphacrypt.
As with the coin the other,then the Alphacrypt-Coins coin digital can You save in Your computer drive, your smartphone or wallet software hard.
Once You have the Alphacrypt-Coins, they behave like a FIAT. They have a value.
and can be traded like shares on the exchange popular.
This is also an advantage from the Alphacrypt.
In the future You will be able to use it to buy goods and services.
They will also provide card debit.


We have to realize that the financial transaction in the world will direvolusi by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
so we're going to need in the future is a simple transactions without being affected by the interference from various parties.
The Alphacrypt-Coin was made by the team members of the bankers and traders from the major financial institutions.
Based on this analysis They have been developing a team of technology and finance to make the platform the blockchain to make financial transactions around the world more quickly,
cheaper and more reliable.
up to what is expected by them will be achieved in the future.

Their team is exclusively comprised of professionals that come together and many years in the relationship business.
Now together they use their knowledge in a revolutionary project Alphacrypt.
Its purpose very medium that created the survivability of financially with little effort in no time
and to pass through the method risk the general.
With the knowledge of the team, They've managed to create a platform for investors who can think outside the box and influence the future in the ongoing market currency crypto.


As we know that the banking Industry traditionally erected more than 600 years ago and is not able to break the gap credit unusual!
Second is the bank responsible and small effort.
The banks are responsible for choosing the cherry and most of the work with a little more
business risk and greater because risk tolerance low financial traditional industry.
Because there are so many solutions heritage in the banking industry, most are not flexible and the term standard is used.
This is very expensive for banks to serve their respective clients individuals.
So the bank tried to maximize their income from every case the business of an individual by working on the case business larger
Also the abundance of bank-a local bank where a fellow banker will be familiar with the business of the local is something from the past.

Only in individual US banks has declined by two thirds in the last 30 years.
Such a decrease from each bank can be explained by the centralization it brings more internal rules and centralized processes.
This fact makes it difficult for banks to serve small local companies.
Good financial management is rarely the core strength of small businesses.

Actually accessing external finance is often referred to as the poorest area of ​​expertise.
Industry that has taken the challenge to solve the problem.
this is often referred to as 'alternative finance'.
As the name suggests, alternative finance is when someone borrows money or sells equity, choosing the option to go non-traditional, non-institutional routes.
Alternative finance is a generic term for various financing options such as peer to peer loans, crowdfunding, balance sheet loans, invoice trading, supply chain finance, factoring, merchant loans, VAT financing, etc. There is no single institution, company or regulator that covers all alternative finance businesses.
And exactly where do we start!
That's why Alphacrypt is interested in professional and long-term solutions that believe in the future of loose funding and investment opportunities.
Such alternative financial services usually ensure early access to finance
SMEs by providing services and financing when traditional banks do not participate.
In long-term financing received through alternative financial services, SMEs are allowed to grow and become bankable.

But it also means the opportunity to maximize capital for private investors.
Flexibility is the key, but the great business essence also comes from the effectiveness of online operations and the idea of ​​crowdsourcing.

Another reason why alternative finance is overwhelming may be that investors have grown educated.
For this reason it is quite unpleasant to let the bank to get their money and pay only marginal interest rates.
Many people feel the need to connect with the borrower directly.

Last but not the least is different from traditional institutions that do a lot of work
manually and do not share data about the highly automated and interrelated alternative risk assessment alternatives that give them an additional competitive edge.


Globalization of available capital Most of the geographical discrepancies are being solved by many of the company's financial alternatives, especially P2P markets and platforms.
However, many of these people operate in a single or limited market. Due to the team's professional experience, they have understood that different steps in the financing process are often very specific.
Therefore, it is necessary to make decentralization possible in terms of blockchain technology. The solution is to minimize the existing credit gap.
This process requires three main features:
• Trust
• a complete end to end financing process
• the structure that drives exponential growth.

Global problems require global solutions that they can generate using blockchain technology.
Blockchain with design allows to ensure the best transparency and trust,
allows to automate the process by using smart contracts and decentralized properties allow for exponential growth of the number
members in a blockchain-based solution.
Borrowing money is trust and mechanical equipment such as collateral, measurable reputation, and fear of punishment.
Born in an established place of society, they take on a culture of business confidence that is just there,
they rarely doubt the basics and address the quantitative business measurement of friction costs.
However, to address the global credit gap - we need to operate more in younger countries where business confidence is not provided.
Using a trust-based blockchain solution, Alphacrypt ensures the trust required for all partners, especially investors, to operate within the ecosystem.
As Alphacrypt is the earliest market maker and facilitator for the worldwide settlement of credit disparities by connecting SMEs
with global investors who can rely on services provided by local or regional partners,
namely verification, risk assessment, insurance and debt collection.
It is possible to attract global investors to distribute their available capital as well as attract SMEs to borrow and finance people's growth.

The team strongly believes, this is the only way to ensure a fast, efficient and stable global growth of Alphacrypt.
Over time, it is believed that the financing process stages will become fully automated, for example using artificial intelligence solutions, algorithmic learning machines and the like.
To be ready for development such as Alphacrypt will provide public APIs for all types of smart contracts in the ecosystem.
Alphacrypt requires strong architectural design and bulletproof implementation techniques to ensure successful Network launch and usability.

Alphacrypt Token (ALC)
The goal is to create a fast-growing, reliable, independent, and global business
financing ecosystem. The network, built around its members and employs a single ecosystem cryptocurrency.
Alphacrypt token to pay for all services provided. Only those who have
Alphacrypt Token will be able to purchase various services through the Network.

Based on experience most investors, especially the largest or institutional people, are interested in living in the ecosystem for the long term. Service providers see profitable business opportunities will also remain in the ecosystem for the long term. Borrowers are two sides: SMEs will remain for the short to medium term because they are expected to grow stronger and become 'bankable' and move to cheaper financing options; while the organizational borrower (operator) should want to remain for the long term. So we believe that as Alphacrypt grows, more and more members will join using the Alphacrypt token simultaneously, then we should see demand at an increased time point - increase
token value. Moreover, members of the ecosystem and the wider community Alphacrypt noticed an increase in the value of tokens.

There are many places for different actors to make money in the ecosystem,
community leaders can earn income from growing and maintaining communities,
investors can earn interest on loans granted, SMEs can gain access to loans needed for growth.
Alphacrypt will ensure smart contract arbitration trust and will be able to participate in the entire ecosystem. After talk time, action time has arrived!

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