Bitcoin, Steem, EOS , Ethereum et al : Cryptocurrencies are Taking over Our World via Peaceful revolution

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Our world is fraught with greed, control freaks and self-centered elitists who will do anything in their power to maintain the status quo against the success of the common people. This is evidence in central governments (the fight for power and control at all cost) ,banks (control over our money) and other large institutions. These institutions are corrupt and have caused more harm than good –remember the great depression and the world economic downturn caused by banks and central governments blind eye, however the bills were paid with the common people´s tax money through our central governments.

Importantly, it is good to note that these issue were the main reason for the creation of bitcoin (block chain technology- which in return lead to many other cryptocurrencies ) and the birth of a new peaceful takeover by the common people. On the other hand, however, will the elitists close their eyes and allow the common people to be successful? Here are some few points

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Blockchain revolution: From taking over social media (steemit ) to smart contract (SMT, EOS, Ethereum et al) , from taking over money (bitcoin ) to the future of cashless cards (see - join their whitelist via their website) - blockchain technology is taking over the world and will continue so . This takeover, however, has caused panic in central governments and large financial institutions in fear of losing control of our tax money, savings or their big institutional monopoly.

Moreover, blockchain advancements is positively affecting the majority of citizens in both underdeveloped and developed nations, which is already changing lives around the world and will ultimately leads to a more advanced, democratic and independent society. This success , however, has led to massive attack in all fields by banks, governments and big tech firms- causing and spreading FUD however :

Power belongs to the people: whenever many people come together, with faith and unity in pursuit of a good great cause, success always come. The success, however, will not come without a fight hence the need for all crypto lovers to continue their peaceful revolution even when the success has been achieved or seems not near (never give up) . Moreover, no longer can a bank, government or any big tech company tell us what we can or cannot do with our money or lives. Long live the future!

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This is not just a reform, this is a revolution, and we are going to change the world for the better together, just by investing some amount of money to cryptos can devalued the fiat that are one of the cause that we have so much war in the world, and business man should be better transfer their fund to cryptos because this is the best way to a peaceful revolution against the oligarchs and abusive governments.

I read an article about how crypto´s will take over the world and this post summarised it even better. I am glad that I joined steemit during its infancy and learning about cryptos daily..the future is indeed bright and thanks for your post...100% upped.

Thanky for your comment little lady Ronja, and more success to you. Cryptos will indeed take over the world in the near future and glad that we will be part of it

I can't agree more!

As soon as I read your title, I simply had to come and read it, support it with a full upvote and share it. Great job on this one! So much of it needs to be kept at the forefront of our awareness as a society and your article gives exposure to this necessary knowledge.

Thanks again for being part of this revolutionary fight against the dragon of all dragons! All for one and one for all!!!

Namaste :)

Thanks a lot for your good comment ...I agree with your view point and we are glad to be among the early adopters of this great technology...more success to you

Couldn't agree with you more on those points. Upped

Amen to that

The impact of crypto already on the World has been huge. I've read reports about how steemit has lifted people out of poverty in poor countries, and that's just one example. Crypto definitely is the future @charles1

Good point, I agree. Thanks for your comment

I’m amazed at how drastically steem effects the people of Venezuela and other economically ravaged countries. This has the ability to become ones livelihood!

Good point, a life changing experience ....thanks for your comment

I agree, that creating these alternate and independently distributed crypto currencies is a giant leap towards creating more balance in this world. However, as you point out, so far this has been a peaceful revolution. I'm not sure that can, will or even should last.

Don't think that those who control money now won't seek to control these new currencies. In fact, they already are. Also, don't think that they won't use violence, whether through "police action" or all out war as a tool to take control, or if that's not possible, try to destroy these currencies.

I'm new to this crypto world, as well as Steemit, but I've been reading about these kinds of things, so far within the microcosim of the Steemit universe (as I understand it, anyway), between "Whales" and "Minnows". Some complain that there are those here who game the system, only supporting themselves (I cannot say how, but those who complain seem to understand how). Supposedly, these Whales have learned to hijack things so they can earn inordinate rewards, while leaving scraps for the rest of us.

Whether this is true or not, I cannot say. I'm too new and inexperienced. But the fact that it seems to be an issued, and not with just a few, makes me think that at least to some small extent, there must be some validity to what they say.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess...

Good points indeed...yes just like in any thing created by humans, there are always people who wanna take all for themselves however crypo still remains the next best thing

This is really a great article and you summarized the points clearly.

The control is being taken back to the people and its good these people are working together to be successful together,take an example of Steemit where all of us are promoting the platform in our diffrent countries.

whenever many people come together, with faith and unity in pursuit of a good great cause, success always come

I see a big number of crypto enthusiats working and never giving up on this blockchain opportnity.Steemit is already a big source of income in low developed countries like mine Uganda.

Point, I agree with you...success will surely come to us because we believe and work hard towards it

Well said, crypto currency and block chain technology are adopted by more and more people due to it's transparency. It also free people from the un needy middle men and banking system and corrupt system. The best thing it is a peaceful revolution.It is already hard striking the Fiat system. So the government, banks and influential people are against crypto but the way block chain is becoming famous will soon captured the market. Let's hope for the best. Thanks for presenting a great post on the big revoultion. Keep sharing @charles1

You analysed it well, I agree. Thanks for your comment.

the future arrived with blockchain tech now cryptos are taking over , one day at a time , soon the war will be between cryptos and the 1%, the future is here and it cant be stopped , talk about disruption in the finance space

Amen to that, I agree

I want this old banks end... no more this old banks .
When I use this old banks, I feel that I'm always stuck somewhere.
Like I would not be able to buy a house without a bank.... I'm being forced to get think this idea, that it can only be done by the bank. SORRY BUT NO MORE . And this what I text here this is just one small example, there are a lot other this more... AND A LOT.

Good point, let the peaceful revolution begin....success to you and thanks for your comment

Thank you!! It is what I see... Finally, others have to decide.

The creation of blockchain technology is a mans best creation. Unfortunately, the greed stood still in humans heart.

I agree with you...greed is everywhere ie human nature and always an issue however we will succeed...

Thanks for your information , good job .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @charles1

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what do you like about the post?

Now everyone must make it a habit to done the cryto thing! Get obsessed.

Can you elaborate?

The impact of crypto already on the World has been huge. I've read reports about how steemit has lifted people out of poverty in poor countries, and that's just one example. Crypto definitely is the future currency @charles1

Great work. I am agree with you.

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I am glad that I am part of the crypto revolution, it's really making a great impact on our world today and I believe it will continue to do so.


Time for a change

It's truly bringing revolution. A decade back the market wasn't open but Crypto provides leverage for exchange easily between two entities.

It's great to post this post. I learned a lot of unknown. Thank you sincerely .
. @mohin787

tipuvote! 0.4 :)

Crypto Revolution is a very big leap, governments of every nation will have to figure out how to deal with it soon.


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As a cryptocurrency lover. I have a question to you we know ETh and Etc Btc are good as cryptocurrency but at present time why people are talking about EOS ? What's the behind story of EOS for the bright future. Thanks foryour valuable article share to us.

Love the idea of a peaceful revolution! <3

Whether someone likes it or not, blockchain will take over not only the financial system, but also everything around us.

Of course, banks, government and giant tech company will not like that. We already saw how Bill Gates changed his view on cryptocurrency. What do you think, @charles1?