Steem and Ethereum ranks best blockchain in the world

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I always indicated that steem is highly undervalued (in price ) and lacks recognition from top investors –maybe due to some of its highly innovative projects still in conceptualization phase (SMT for example) and HFORK 20 which will open the flood gates for more signups at steemit platform thus giving steem ecosystem more needed exposure.

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Most recently, however, the Chinese government ranked steem as the second world best blockchain after Ethereum : according to

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Steem blockchain , in fact processes transactions faster than Ethereum and Bitcoin combined and is home to many top applications like Steemit, Busy, Utopia, Dlive, Dtube, Dmania, Dporn, etc
Moreover, Steem is the blockchain that powers the social media platform steemit and other applications and its SMT when implemented can be used to create decentralized applications. Importantly, steem (blockchain) is not the same as steemit (content creation platform) -in fact steem is more superior than steemit and thus Joseph Young and CCN should correct their misconception below -according to the article in CCN

The addition of Steem in the top five rankings of the Chinese government’s blockchain network was unexpected by the community because unlike Lisk and NEO, Steem is not a base layer blockchain technology that can be used to create decentralized applications. Steem is a content distribution platform based on the blockchain with a primary purpose of distributing content. Essentially, Steem is like Reddit based on the decentralized blockchain.

Conclusion: Steem is among the best blockchain in the world and thus the recognition from the Chinese government is a great thing and indicates that the future is bright for steem ecosystem.

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A very good news which shows that at least a big player recognises the value of steem blockchain. Moreover thanks for explaining the difference between steem and steemit...steem is indeed more valuable and the value will surely is the time to get more steem power. Upped, 100%

Very good point @Ronja1 ..thanks for your good comment

I think most of us will agree the future of steem is very promising and with good development and a bit of luck, steem can rise to the top of the price charts as well.

Very good point indeed, thanks for your comment


@Charles1 do we know what HF20 is gonna bring exactly and when it will be implemented? Or where I can read more about that?

Ah thanks @charles1 for some reason I missed this reply haha :)

Hope this will get some extra exposure for Steemit!

When you check the Blocktivity site you are able to see the real value.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-19 um 12.45.49.png

Steem does more than double transaction with only 0.15% CUI workload compared to second place Ethereum (with only half and a CUI workload of 100% and even more than 25K unconfirmed transactions).

Steemit has the possibility to grow real big. We just need to get the word out and to be honest in my opinion Steemit lacks in advertisement (Steemit seems to never be represented on big conferences or meetups).

I agree with you and have written a lot about this issue. Steemit inc needs to invest more in marketing

If steem was anywhere near as easy to find content as Reddit it would take off. We missed a real window last year when so many were joining telegram and Reddit channels by rolling around with smts. But we can be ready for the next boom next year.

Very good point however its not late for steem to boom..SMT and Hardfork 20 will help

Does hardfork 20 have communities? When is it?

To put things in $24T+ in tha hole, we all may be speaking Chinese soon! Seriously though, it is good to hear STEEMIT is gaining steam worldwide - you have my upvote and resteem on this one

Thanks for the resteem and upvote...the future is indeed bright for all of us ie steemians...keep steeming to more success

Slowly but surely recognition will come (especially if Steemit gets easier to use), but there is no rush as those cryptos that fly in the beginning, slow in the end.

Very good point indeed, you are correct...let us fly slow and steady

I hope Steem has shown a significant improvement.

Thanks for your information.

I agree....

What a questionable honour to be top rated by the Chinese government... hopefully it's no short listing for their social surveillance network... looking at the list, it looks quite objective though!

Very good point, I agree

Steem will drop the all cryptocurrencies in future.....So grab it and store it fro future

Very good point...I agree

I always knew Steem was the best Lol! They seem to taking their time releasing the SMTs and hardfork 20 I am thinking by the middle of summer it will be done! whithin a month, this is the hope anyways! thankd for sharing @charles1 still on my Auto voter , now resteemed !👍👍👍

Welcome my dear one and thanks for your comment...Hope we get more steem before the price moon

You are right it is big news for steem . Steemit is such a great currency and it will cross the 50 usd and it will become really big currency.

Hope steem cross the ethereum fats. It is good for all steemit user. May good success in your life and all steemit user.

Welcome and I agree...more success to you too

Thanks to you dear..

The last time I actively wrote about Steem was this article about why to invest in Steem. It won 75 Steem prize for me as well.

The only thing I am concerned about is the focus and speed with which major projects like SMTs are pursued by Steemit Inc. It's not encouraging at all.

Steem, the blockchain, is a wonder!

The article you wrote about steem was indeed a well analysed article..good job. I agree that things are slow however better slow and steady than fast and crash isnt it?

Slow and steady but a good direction indeed is a better choice. I am coming back. Not to forget that you are one of my inspirations here.

Fantastic news.., hope this a good sign for the future of steemit.

The future is indeed bright

You are right it is big news for steem . Steemit is such a great currency and it will cross the 50 usd and it will become really big currency.I hope Steem has shown a significant improvement.

Thanks for your information.

Steem is a great blockhain and steemit is a great soocial platform...thanks for your comment

Good news! Therefore I need to buy more ethereum then!

Steem is my choice due to its cheap price and still undervalued

Steemit is indeed more than money and I prefer the knowledge, education and networking side of this great platform which is changing lives -positively daily..therefore do not put your eyes on only money rather other top values of steemit and money will surely come with time

Well analysed.

I think,feel and expect that SMT Will attract more and more investors.this is an amazing surely deserves a lot more

I agree...I only hope that the project will be a big success

Hopefully SMT will attract lot of investors to this amazing community. Being the fastest block chain on the planet steem deserves a lot more. Let's hope for the best and shinning future of steem. keep sharing @charles1

Very good point, fingers crossed for steem ecosystem and all of us . More success to you

I see it as a means for steemit to slowly start getting the publicity it so richly's just a matter of time

I agree...fingers crossed

They also happen to be my two favorite tokens on the market.

Honestly I feel as if ETH & STEEM are two certainties in a market filled with 1600 uncertainties.. Hopefully I'm right... and yeah the Steem blockchain is astonishingly fast even when compared to coins/tokens that are specifically designed for speedy transactions i.e. Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin etc..

Yet Steem is still the quickest & ERC-20 is still the most used blueprint which gives business savvy but not tech savvy people an opportunity to get involved in the market without any knowledge/education (or very limited) on software engineering & crypotography.

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thats soo great news for all steemitian cheers ..

Can you elaborate...

sure because of you i got to know the diff b/w steemit and steem currency .. and because of you i now believe it will grow more up ... steem to the moon .. 😊

Welcome and more suucess

Bitcoin is ranked #13? hmmmm

Steem won't seem to stay out of the news lately. I love it! Next up, the moon!!

@Charles1 it's a big and a welcome development to the steem family 👪... Hurray I love steemit... I pray it grows higher and beat #etherum

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