Steem SMT Vs Ethereum & EOS , Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash: Which Blockchain will win the battle?

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Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently the winners in their respective fields , dominating in market share and popularity however will it stay like this forever?

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History, has shown us that new disruptive technologies always win the battle in the long run-due to their superior technology and mass adoption ( digital camera, smart phone, smart Tv´s etc) therefore will we see EOS or Steem SMT taking over Ethereum or bitcoin cash taking over bitcoin?
Here are some few points:

Superior technology: Steem blockchain technology processes transactions faster than Ethereum and Bitcoin combined –therefore if Ethereum management does not solve their scaling issue plus high gas fees, then they will face fierce competition with the likes of EOS and Steem SMT with far lesser transaction time at no cost (This will be the case with bitcoin and bitcoin cash )-however will it be an easy task due to bitcoin and Ethereum popularity and user base?

Awareness: Steem has an amazing technology and provides real life value in its ecosystem (steemit , Dlive, Dtube, etc) . However much work needs to be done in reaching out to the masses, letting the world know how great the technologyis- including its endless benefits to the masses around the world. Moreover, doing a great job in marketing plus more innovation will lead to more awareness/ user base and subsequently increase in price.

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I think that Steem will win in the long run because its blockchain has more real life usage than others… the future is indeed bright. Eos will do great too but be aware that bitcoin and Ethereum developers are not sleeping...good news for all of us

Good point indeed....competition is great for all of us

Difficult to predict.
Steem and the coming SMT already have and will have real life usage.
One advanatge I see on the STEEM Blockchain is that more and more applications are build. The community drives this Blockchain forward.

Not to forget that the STEEM Blockchain coveres a huge area; Social Media. And thats just what we see right now.

I can imagine that we soon see an apple on STEEM or a Google.

But EOS looks also very​ promising. It would not surprise me if EOS will make a huge run.

I agree EOS will do great .....however if all goes according to play plus solid marketing, steem will overtake many top cryptos

Bitquin is a very strong and successful coin too
I wish you success, my friend

Thanks for your comment, will check it out

Bitcoin is always will be win on any fight.

Are you 100% sure...if yes then explain why

Bitcoin is always will be win on any fight.

Are you 100% sure? and if yes, why?

how can you sure about that?

bitcoin cash taking over bitcoin?

How is bitcoin cash superior than bitcoin. When bitcoin was inventing lightening network, bcash increased the block size and called it a day. I dont remember when i last heard bcash advancing technology.

Good point however they have faster transaction time

SMTs are the future. We might see a lot before this year ends. Tech and consensus-wise, Steem wins against both of them. Transaction speeds of both coins are way slower than Steem. I really hope more development will come into the whole Steem Ecosystem.

Good point, I agree. Thanks for your comment

bitcoin is winning the race every time....bitcoin also popular than others...

Good point however who knows the future?

I totally agree, steem is the future. Anyone who sees things clearly should be able to deduce this fact. Thank you for such useful and informative content.

Welcome and keep steeming to more success

Steem blockchain is definitely very fast, reliable and consistent in comparison to bitcoin and etherium network. Steem has the potential to be the king of crypto, subject to conditions.

Good point, I agree

We Will Win, I mean Steemit because it's look like real, like imaginary Bitcoin and etherum, ;)

All options are open.
Ronja said great: It is certain that developers do not sleep (on their laurels).
In our case ( there is one essential "detail".
EOS leader knows bad points of steemit.
He is would be crazy not to use that knowledge.
I mean that neither our "developers, witnesses, Ned and others" they should not sleep ...

You are correct...EOS devs knows the secret of steem and steem devs knows the secret of EOS too...let the smarter team win

Bitcoin is daddy! its already a winner!!

Untill steemit complete his beta period ;)

Are you sure? no technology remains king forever

Sure! Its like First in clan the purest one

Steem will emerge a great force in next two years. There is no other blockchain with this much user engagement.

Good point, I agree

EOS will be better than we expect, I wish the best of luck to the boys behind this, their work and effort will get many fruits, @clains always brings fantastic ideas and work, and we are sure that it will not be the exception, since we have the followers just lack EOS launch

Bitcoin is daddy! its already a winner!!

Quien esta dando mucho de que hablar y su crecimiento va extraoficialmente rápido y acorto plazo es EOS... alertas con esto..

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I agree with you and I'm sure bitcoin will be the champion

Excellent work dear friend @ charles1, congratulations. steem has many advantages over the rest of the criptomoendas, you have already remarked in many of your works. In my opinion, there is only one thing missing, a debit card with which you can buy in all parts of the world, that would give you the shipment that we need, on our platform and we are more than 1 million people.
I wish you a great day dear friend

Bitcoin and etherium forever

good exposure bro