Crypto is the new Fiat

This is a piece i have been wanting to write for quite a while now. What i am heading for here, is to break through those well known and overreaching narratives of crypto vs. fiat and look closer at how currencies operate as such, as well as biased attributes that we as a crypto often like to reiterate but which don’t withstand a closer look.


Certainly this goes against many established and convenient views of what crypto is, and i expect many of you guys on here to disagree, but what i hope for are some exciting, intense and discussions with you!

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What do you think?


I think that cryptocurrencies are the trend of the future and will have a better role in the economy than fiat. This digital world requires digital money.

Hello dear @conceptskip.

I am sorry to have seen this post after the valid date to vote. I found this article very valuable.
Undoubtedly, cryptography has many positive aspects over Fiat. In fact, I believe that the day will come when there will only be cryptography. The Fiat will disappear. Or as you say, "Crypto will be the new Fiat".

All best, Piotr.