How to predict cryptocurrencies with BIG DATA vol.2

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Hello everyone,

In my previous post I talked about the power of users speculation in social networks that indicates changes in price charts.

Today, I bring some new evidences of how big data works really well.

For example, a big delta in data that indicates how users interacts with the coin makes rapidly increases the price for the currency.


With this data you can build a complete chart and see how he price behaves over time.

chart_20180102 2.png

This project is really interesting and seems big idea!
New posts soon.

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Price charts from:


This is really interesting, I love how trends affect price. Have you had any luck with this yet?

I wonder if Bitcoin Twitter activity would affect other crypto's price too. The second Bitcoin gets any bad publicity it feels like the entire crypto market drops. If you could including both Ripple and Bitcoin social activity into a single graph (like you would on Google Analytics with 2 keywords) and compare that to the XRP movement, that would be interesting to see!

Hi benny, thanks for your comment ;)
We are working in some new features like include multiple coins in a single chart for comparatives. This option seems really interesting.
Please share the idea between your contact and help us!

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