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RE: Bitcoin, Steem, EOS , Ethereum et al : Cryptocurrencies are Taking over Our World via Peaceful revolution

I agree, that creating these alternate and independently distributed crypto currencies is a giant leap towards creating more balance in this world. However, as you point out, so far this has been a peaceful revolution. I'm not sure that can, will or even should last.

Don't think that those who control money now won't seek to control these new currencies. In fact, they already are. Also, don't think that they won't use violence, whether through "police action" or all out war as a tool to take control, or if that's not possible, try to destroy these currencies.

I'm new to this crypto world, as well as Steemit, but I've been reading about these kinds of things, so far within the microcosim of the Steemit universe (as I understand it, anyway), between "Whales" and "Minnows". Some complain that there are those here who game the system, only supporting themselves (I cannot say how, but those who complain seem to understand how). Supposedly, these Whales have learned to hijack things so they can earn inordinate rewards, while leaving scraps for the rest of us.

Whether this is true or not, I cannot say. I'm too new and inexperienced. But the fact that it seems to be an issued, and not with just a few, makes me think that at least to some small extent, there must be some validity to what they say.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess...


Good points indeed...yes just like in any thing created by humans, there are always people who wanna take all for themselves however crypo still remains the next best thing